Custom Pet Leash

Custom Pet Leash
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These Promotional Dog Leads are a fantastic option for spreading your branding and information on a large scale. With a long length of the lead, all of your information is easily readable in any situation. 1-4 color print options are available with the additional option of full color dye sublimation which means full color photographic recreation and powerful gradients with any design possible!

All length and widths are customisable. Standard Extra heavy duty stiching is included in this.


In Stock Colours

Promotional & Printed Dog & Let Leashes

Vets, pet shelters, and non-profit organizations often struggle to find the money they need to care for stray animals. Fundraising can be of assistance in raising this money, but only when the products offered are ones their clients desire. For this reason, many of these groups now purchase branded pet leads and printed dog leashes to sell to clients. The leads and leashes can contain the organization's logo or message, or they may provide an after hours number or information of this type that pet owners will benefit from. This is a great option for any group trying to raise money for animals, as it is an item a pet owner will use regularly.

An organization will find they can bring in a great deal of money while going this route. The American Pet Product Association estimates Americans invested $63 billion buying things for their pets in 2016. The animals are truly parts of the families, and owners want to ensure they have everything pets need. A leash is an essential item for most dogs, as many localities now require canines be kept on a leash whenever they are out in public. This guarantees there is a market for these products, and organizations can cash in.

Why Are Branded Pet Leads So Popular?

Animal organizations find they benefit greatly from providing these items for their clients. The length of a dog lead or leash allows more information to be printed on the item while remaining easily visible. Every time the recipient makes use of the lead or leash, the company that provided it receives additional exposure. The amount of time spent outdoors by pets is of great help in achieving this goal, and recipients will appreciate the item and reward the business with their loyalty.

Another major benefit of choosing this promotional item is the printed dog lead will hold up for years to come. This ensures the business gets repeated exposure, which is of great importance in a competitive industry. Pet owners tend to spend a great deal on their furry friends, and every dog needs a lead or leash. We provide these items at affordable prices so a business can make the most of their marketing budget.

Uses For Branded Dog Leads

A business may choose to sell the leads and leashes to bring in money, but simply offering the items to clients for free is enough. Dogs spend a great deal of time with their owners, and many retailers now allow pets to come in when their owners are shopping. This includes popular stores such as Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Bloomingdales, and Anthropologie. The dog must be on a leash, however, and the printed leashes provide great ways for the animal organization to get more exposure. Even certain Tiffany's stores now allow dogs, and every organization wants to target this group of shoppers. They can also be used a promotional giveaway at an event for dogs and their owners. The ideas are endless when it comes to these products.

Available Options

An animal organization needs to determine which options best meet the needs of their client. The length and width of each item are customizable, with the standard size being 1200mm available in 15, 20, or 25mm widths. All products feature extra heavy-duty stitching to ensure the product can hold up to the rigors of an excited animal. In addition, the lead or leash can be printed using one to four colors. For those who want full-color photographic recreation and power gradients, the full-color dye sublimation process is offered. Furthermore, the client chooses the fitting they feel will be of most benefit to their customers, thus the perfect printed dog lead is obtained every time.

Why Do Organizations Turn To Lanyards USA?

Lanyards USA provides quotes within minutes, thus a client knows almost instantly whether this is a viable option for their business. In addition, we guarantee the lowest price. If you find one that is lower, simply provide us with a written quote and we'll beat it. Our customer service also cannot be beaten, as we always put you first, and we have a fast turnaround time. Furthermore, we offer a free graphic design service, as this helps to ensure you get the perfect dog lead or leash for your needs. When the product has been designed, we provide you with a sample so you can approve it or request changes. We want you to be satisfied at all times.

In addition to the above-mentioned groups, numerous other organizations benefit from purchasing these leads and leashes to share with or sell to customers. This includes dog grooming facilities, pet stores, and kennels. Any business that caters to animals may choose to purchase this product with great results. We work with clients to ensure they get the right products for their needs at reasonable prices.

Size Info
Sizes is 1200 x 15, 20, 25mm widths.
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