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Woven Lanyards At Lowest Prices With Quick Turnaround Time

Woven lanyards are the trusted solution for company's that need a branded image to last for decades. They can be washed in sanitary environments, knocked around, tugged on and your logo or message will never ever wear off. With branding woven directly into the material length your logo is the integral part of the lanyard strap. We can design you a completely free mock up of the weave prior to production just so you can be assured that your lanyards turn out exactly as required. Simply request a quote from the right side of our site to find out more and proceed with ordering.

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2 Item(s)

Who benefits from woven lanyards?

Almost any business organization that wants to make an impact of high quality can benefit from choosing woven lanyards. These lanyards are best used for:

  • High level business conferences.

  • As mementos for important delegates.

  • ID card holders for senior level staff.

  • Visitor badge holders for special events such as a product launch.

How to choose the right woven lanyards?

There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing woven lanyards. Some of the options include:

  • Things to keep in mind are: The colors of the lanyards that should promote an elegant and professional reputation.

  • High quality hooks and clips that can be fitted onto the lanyards.

  • Choosing uniquely structured satin applique lanyards that look magnificent.

  • Streamlined widths of lanyards that carry all the essential information but in a beautifully designed manner.

The best thing you can do is to get a price quote for woven lanyards which place absolutely no obligation on you. This will give you the opportunity to check out the options when it comes to premium quality lanyards and decide which one suits your requirements the best.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that choosing top notch woven lanyards can go an extremely long way in getting your business associated with high quality.

Lanyards are a fabulous way in which you can shore up your brand strategy. Consider the fact that lanyards can be used for events as diverse as:

  • Trade fairs.

  • Conferences of various kinds.

  • Workshops.

  • Mementos or souvenirs.

  • Charity events and so on.

Obviously then, making a bit of investment in choosing the right kind of lanyards can go a very long way indeed. While there are plenty of stock options that you can choose from, here is why you should choose executive woman lanyards.

What are custom woven lanyards?

Think of the lanyard taking on a ‘crème de la crème’ avatar and you have an executive woven lanyard. Such a lanyard will give you the finish of jacquard and comes across as the extremely high quality and professional product that it is.

Furthermore, with an executive woven lanyard, you also get the advantage of your logo or company name being woven into the material. It therefore becomes an integral part of the lanyard and does not wear off.

It is also good to remember that these kinds of lanyards can be washed pretty often because there is no danger of the logo of the company name wearing off.


Another advantage of choosing executive woven lanyards is the degree of customization that you can exercise. You can choose from different colors, color combinations, widths and clips and attachments as well. The solidity and durability of executive woven lanyards give you enough reason to invest high quality work into creating the same.

Woven Lanyards as an Alternative to Uniform.

Businesses need to ensure their employees can be easily identified. Many companies choose to have employees wear uniforms but this can become costly over time. There is an easier way to achieve this goal. Purchase custom woven lanyards with the company name, logo, and/or phone number and ensure everyone who comes into contact with the individual knows he or she is part of the organization. The same is true for chaperones on a field trip, the staff at an event, members of a charity organization, or various other entities. Why are custom lanyards so effective in this situation?

Cost Effective

First and foremost, lanyards are a cost-effective way to easily identify individuals. A uniform of any type is costly, even when it is simply the cost of a t-shirt with the company name. Different sizes will need to be purchased, several styles may be needed, and employees might not be able to wear certain types of material due to allergies. Imagine having to buy multiple types of shirts in different sizes and it is easy to see how the costs can quickly add up. A lanyard solves all these issues and more when it is selected as opposed to a uniform.

Easy to Care For

Uniforms may be stained, the person may outgrow the clothing, or items must be ordered regularly for new employees. When a business or organization opts to buy custom woven lanyards, the lanyard can easily be washed when needed, one size fits every individual, and new ones are not necessary when individuals are hired. Simply have the individual return the lanyard when it is no longer needed and pass it on to the next person for use. As the information is woven into the lanyard, it holds up with time.

A Space Saver

What many companies fail to consider when debating on whether to make employees wear uniforms is where these items will be stored. A small organization may not have the room needed to store uniforms until they are needed. As a result, they have employees walking around for a period of time without clothes that identify them as part of the organization. The same is true of chaperones at school trips, the staff at an event, and more. Choose woven lanyards and space becomes less of a concern. Numerous lanyards can be stored in a very small space, making it the ideal choice for organizations who don’t have the room for uniform storage.

Multiple Purposes

Lanyards often hold keys for the wearer. However, they are great for identification cards, cell phones, and more. Simply choose the appropriate attachment for the employee and this is an item the person will wear every day without hesitation. This ensures the provider gets the maximum return on investment as the brand is being displayed every time the lanyard is used.

Consider woven lanyards for your next promotional item. They are a great alternative to uniforms and truly promote the business in a positive light. As they are so useful to the wearer, the company benefits thanks to the frequent use and clients may even want one of their own. It’s a great promotional item in every way.