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Medical Lanyards & Hospital Lanyards Supplier USA

We offer a range of lanyards suited to various medical organizations. From washable lanyards to lanyards with multiple safety and anti strangulation fittings sewn in. We also offer lanyards with quick release clips for easy use when connected to keys, pens, clipboards, staff identification and other accessories. All available printed or woven with hospital details or generic terms such as "staff" and "visitor". Don't hesitate for one moment to ask our team for assistance in choosing the right lanyard.

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4 Item(s)

Safety compliant, medical staff lanyards for all institutions.

If there is one place that is overflowing with people then it has to be a hospital. Doctors – seniors and juniors and of various departments, nurses, paramedics, office personnel, patients, janitors, visitors for patients and even lab techs are just some of the people that walk around in a hospital. It therefore becomes important for the hospital management to invest in the right kinds of identification means. One such is choosing hospital lanyards.

Why choose us for hospital lanyards?

The question is why choose our lanyards for your hospital staff, personnel, visitors and even contractors:

  • A huge range of colors and materials enable easy identification of different personnel.

  • Printed lanyards which can have words such as ‘visitor’ or ‘staff’ and so on.

  • A huge range of hooks and clips so that the user can suspend important items such as ID badges, pens and so on.

  • Our lanyards are washable, our print is extremely durable and material is dyed with fade resist inks.

All of which simply means that choosing properly produced hospital lanyards by a legitimate company is an extremely good idea because of the safety and convenience that they offer staff at your facility. It might also be good for you to order our safety lanyards that come with quick release clips.

Because these clips can be used for holding clipboards and even keys of various kinds. All of which go into making the doctor’s or the nurses’ life extremely convenient, a lanyard can also become tangle in equipment or snagged on protruding objects and this presents a health risk to staff.

Top 4 types of hospital lanyards used

  • Safety breakaway clip lanyards are designed to break when the lanyard is pulled on, these are specifically useful for mental health wards or anywhere where a dangerous patient may grab the lanyard and pull on it. The safety breakaway fitting is an anti strangulation fitting which can be placed on the back of the neck or the side or multiple fittings can be employed as part of a multi break system.

  • Adjustable lanyards which can be varied in length according to the wearers requirements. These also have a safety fitting however when a staff member worse around hazardous machinery or equipment, the lanyard is best to be as short as possible. Because while a safety fitting can help to ensure safety it is best to never ever become entangled in any medical machinery.

  • Silicone lanyards are hypoallergenic and can be washed over and over again, they also withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees which means they can be sterilized in boiling water. Our print is also designed to stand up to some pretty hefty punishment so worrying about print wearing off shouldn't be a concern either.

How to order exactly what you need

Make sure you check OHS guidelines in your workplace before ordering to ensure that they can be worn by staff in all departments.

Since lanyards also come in choices like PVC, silicon, polyester, washable and so on, you can certainly make all the right choices when it comes to this hugely useful item for everybody connected to your team.

To logo or not to logo

In our experience, many hospitals put their brand mark on the item, other organizations choose a plain color to identify people from different areas with different access levels. The latter option is excellent for enabling security to identify people from a distance but this can be combined with a generic print or a logo print of your choice. We just keep lanyards in stock, we custom produce to your requirements. So talk to us today and tell us what you need.

Hospitals and medical facilities aren't always the most cheery of places, so why not brighten up your staff with a brightly colored lanyard, co branded with your name or even a charity you work in conjunction with. There is so many possibilities and you are limited only by your imagination, which we even have a solution to as well! We offer a 100% free artwork and design service which lets you see your ideas prior to production, we ensure that you are perfectly happy with your lanyard, ID or badge design prior to spending a single cent with us. Only when you approve the design do we produce. This saves you receiving a hospital lanyard that isn't the exact product you seek.

The right accessories for any medical professional

A retractable badge reel for your ID card, or perhaps your nurse lanyard needs different type of ID badge holder. We can supply it all, we are the one stop identification shop. We can even supply a sequentially numbered ID card with each and every staff members individual name pre-printed onto the item. We do it all!

Of course your card holder or ID holders need not go without a nice branded lanyard to match, our lanyards while being adjustable, safety clip fitted and OHS compliant can be branded with your hospital or organization branding. Along with being dyed to any color which is washable and reusable they are a brilliant solution if you don't want plain old boring lanyards.