Send Us Your Artwork

Read on to find out about each step of our design process, Below you will find information about how to supply your logo or designs. We also have information about artwork sign off and revisions to existing artwork, we literally do everything in our power to help you get the exact lanyards you require. Prior to spending a single cent with us. We want to see what you have come up with, Wait a minute, You don't have artwork? That's cool we can do it all for you! We have a team of internal graphic designers who basically sit and design lanyards from sun up to sun down! (Actually, just from 8am to 5pm)

Send us your logo in one of the following formats: JPG, PNG, EPS, AI, PDF, CDR - And We will begin crafting some artwork for your viewing pleasure!

Usual waiting time is only 30 and 60 minutes depending on how busy we are!

Artwork Requirements

Art guidelines


Imagining a logo or a design isn't always easy – there is no limit to your ideas. But to translate those ideas into pre production artwork is another ballgame altogether. With professional graphic designers on hand you can enjoy this ‘translation’ process as we design and amend your lanyards until you are 100% happy to proceed with production.

Your logo and ideas can be translated into several different formats for different kinds of uses. Our graphic designers will also be able to:

•    Give you multiple options,
•    Use designs in different ways – lanyards being one of them
•    Turn around your work in less than an hour which is immensely useful if you are on a deadline.

The Crafting Process

It is good to remember that artwork is a crafting process. Graphic designers will be able to take your logo and turn it into something memorable even for a small surface lanyard. This means that your brand gets instant visibility – a hugely important component in any brand strategy.

You can also get to enjoy the swiftness with which our professionals can work to create something fabulous. So even if you have an event coming up in the near future, you can choose our products and get them printed in no time whatsoever.

In most cases, all you have to do is to send your logo in EPS, AI, CDR or PNG formats or any other format required by the designer and work begins in earnest.

Amending Your Existing Artwork

With a full team of design staff, we have no problems amending existing designs or files you supply us. If you feel like drafting your own rough idea and sending this through to us to finalize then we are only too happy to finish the design and prep for production. It goes without saying that we provide you a draft copy of the final lanyard or product before we produce. This way you are guaranteed to get the exact product you sign off on.

Notice Regarding Approval Of Artwork

Take care to check your design thoroughly prior to signing off, while we do everything in our power to ensure your design is correct you should never assume it is correct. Once we have final sign off on the artwork via docusign (digital signature) we begin production of that exact design. So always take care and make sure you are perfectly happy with your design. For this reason, we offer unlimited revisions completely free of charge. Because we don't make a living from providing people with incorrect items, we want you to be absolutely satisfied on every step of our process.