Personalized lanyards tend to be a popular business item. They even made the list of the top 20 most popular promotional items in 2016.

Businesses use them as promotional items to hand out at trade shows and the like. Or they may give them to their own employees. Both options are very useful in their own right.

Let's talk about 5 reasons why personalized lanyards are such great ideas.

Once you hear about the benefits, we're sure you'll want to buy your own customized lanyards today! So let's dig in.


One of the great things about personalized lanyards is their low cost. That makes them easy to hand out as gifts at trade shows and other business functions.

You can expect that some will go in the trash. That's what's nice about their low cost. Each one that ends up in the trash is not too big of a hit to your pocketbook.

There will be other folks that will use them. The great thing about lanyards is that they are set and forget items. Chances are, once they start using your lanyard, they will use it for a long time. That will provide your business with a lot of exposure in the long run.

Have Enough Space

Personalized lanyards are also great because they have enough space to do what you need to. It may be difficult to put everything you want to on a keychain or a button. But lanyards have plenty of space to put stuff.

Common things that companies add to lanyards include

  • The company logo
  • The company name
  • The company's phone number

All of this and more can fit comfortably on a lanyard. And it won't even be hard to read. You can even add an extra design to make your lanyards more distinctive.

Practical Promo and Work Item

Buttons and T-shirts and other common promotional items aren't that smart to use. They are items that people have to specifically think about using.

A person has to be a die-hard fan of your company. Otherwise, they won't go out of their way to wear your promotional button or T-shirt.

It can even be difficult to get your employees to use these items. And they benefit from the success of your company.

A personalized lanyard makes a great practical promotional item. It serves a purpose. They can attach a needed item like their keys or ID card to the lanyard.

That means that people don't have to specifically think about taking your lanyard with them. That makes it more likely that people will carry one around with them. This, of course, results in providing more exposure for your company.

They also make a very practical work item. In many cases, your employees may need to carry certain items on their person at all times. But they still need to have their hands free to perform tasks.

Lanyards are a practical item that helps with that. Employees can carry keys, ID badges, phones, and even bottles of water on their lanyard.

You can even add a reflective strip to serve other practical purposes. In low light areas, it is hard for employees that are operating machinery to see well. The reflective strip helps them to see other employees easily.

Plus, in some cases, the reflected light is enough for the employee to see what they are doing.


In some companies, employees need to have ID cards visible on their person. Provide all employees with a personalized lanyard. This is an easy way to ensure they keep their ID on them.

Slipping a lanyard over your head is even easier and faster than clipping on an ID tag.

It is also less likely to get lost. ID tags with clips can get bumped and fall off somewhere without the employee realizing it. A lanyard stays firmly around their neck at all times.

But what if your employees work with machinery? Or in some other environment where this might be dangerous? It is around their neck, after all.

You can choose a breakaway lanyard if this is a concern. While you don't want them to lose their ID, ensuring your employee's safety is more important. This is an effective way to do that.


Personalized lanyards for your employees are a great idea. Choose the right color scheme that represents your business well. Then hand them out to all your employees.

It helps to create a sense of cohesiveness in your company's place of business. In large companies where all the employees may not know each other cohesion is not always easy. This is a simple way to bring people together.

Every employee walks around wearing a personalized lanyard around their neck. When they see each other they know they are part of the same, well-oiled machine.

They are working together towards the same goal. Even if they don't happen to know the other person's name.

Plus, it gives you a group of people that are sure to use your lanyards. Which in turn gives your business exposure when your employees are out and about.

Ready to Get Your Personalized Lanyards?

Now that we have convinced you of the usefulness of personalized lanyards, it's time to buy some.

We can create the perfect lanyard for your business. Check out our color chart to pick the exact color tone that you want.

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