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High-Quality Safety Lanyards at Lowest Prices

Specialized fittings and print methods for night workers, people operating machinery or in dangerous work environments. Our Safety Lanyards are used by almost every type of organization and various businesses in order to help with employee identification. However, in a few areas & industries, safety needs to be kept in mind even while choosing something as simple as a lanyard. Below are just a couple of our lanyard styles that are most suited to these industries.

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3 Item(s)

Safety lanyards and breakaway lanyards for dangerous roles

Premium breakaway lanyards benefit every industry, as each job comes with some risk. In the event the lanyard comes under any type of pressure, it snaps apart. Once the danger is over, the lanyard may simply be snapped back together. Companies find they can choose lanyards that also help to brand their business and bring it more into the public's eye when the lanyard is worn outside of work. For this reason, companies need to make their selection carefully to ensure the lanyard not only increases the safety of workers but promotes the business in a positive light. Lanyards USA can be of help with this.

Why Breakaway Lanyards?

Breakaway lanyards often feature a cylindrical plastic snap, yet others rely on a flat plastic snap. Either option is an improvement over the Velcro fastenings of the past. Why is this the case? Velcro has a tendency to wear out over time, leaving the user with an item that won't hold together under normal use. It is scratchy to many and may irritate the skin, and hair often becomes tangled in the fastener. As a result, the user could opt to leave the lanyard off instead of making use of it as intended. The lanyard still allows the individual to have necessary items within easy reach, making this the perfect solution in many industries.

Types Of Safety Lanyards

  • High-visibility print lanyards are perfect for individuals who work the night shift. In addition, rescue workers benefit from a high-viz lanyard. All come in bright and unmistakable colors to ensure excellent visibility in dim lighting conditions.

  • Adjustable lanyards protect individuals who operate machinery, as the individual can shorten the length of the lanyard when needed. This helps to ensure their lanyard does not get stuck in the moving parts of the machine.

  • Lanyards which may be unhooked instantly are often referred to as multi-safety lanyards. With this style of lanyard, the risk of strangulation decreases, as the lanyard is less likely to become entangled somewhere.

  • Furthermore, companies choose from different types of clips and safety hooks depending on their specific needs.

Safety lanyards go a long way to ensuring employee safety. Companies want to protect their employees, and these items are helpful when it comes to achieving this goal.

Industries Making Use Of Safety Lanyards

People often associate safety lanyards with the construction and manufacturing industries, yet they are of great benefit in other fields also. Lanyards USA has supplied safety lanyards for the following industries.

  • Commercial fishing operators. At around seventeen times more dangerous than mining, individuals working at sea remain at great risk. Multiple objects on the boat present a hazard, as the operator can become entangled in them. A man falling overboard is in danger of getting his lanyard caught on an object when doing so. The safety lanyard helps to ensure a clean fall, so the worker can be picked up by the skipper and returned to the boat.

  • Farming and agriculture. Farming has become a much safer task over the years thanks to improvements that have been made. However, numerous machines are used in the daily operations of a farm, and getting entangled in one of these machines remains a concern of workers. This is especially true when workers are required to wear ID badges, and a safety lanyard helps to reduce these risks.

  • Tree loppers. Climbing a tree is dangerous enough, but imagine falling and becoming trapped by a lanyard. The safety lanyard prevents this from happening.

  • School and day care employees. Employees of a school or day car often interact with children. A child may be fascinated by the lanyard and wish to play with it. The safety attachment ensures the worker is not harmed at any time when a child chooses to interact with him or her in this manner, as a tug can lead to the lanyard detaching. This helps to secure the safety of the child and the employee.

  • Waste management. Workers often begin before the sun comes up. A high-visibility lanyard ensures they are seen by others who are out and about early in the morning when lighting conditions are dim.

  • Truck drivers. A truck driver is often required to load and unload parcels from their vehicle. An ID tag or other items may become trapped between parcels, thus a safety lanyard is needed. The lanyard can easily be detached by the employee, so they can continue their work, and the item lost between the parcels recovered when the process is complete.

Every industry comes with some risk. For this reason, Lanyards USA stocks a wide range of safety fittings. Contact us today to learn about the various options and receive assistance in determining which is the right choice for your business.

An Often Overlooked Use For Lanyards

Children often lose items, thus parents may wish to purchase a lanyard to secure items such as house keys, glasses, or a wallet. In this situation, a safety lanyard is needed, as the child could get caught on limbs when the child is climbing a tree or become caught in playground equipment. With the safety lanyard, the child won't become trapped and the item attached to the accessory can easily be retrieved.

Contact us today to discuss your safety lanyard needs. We'll be happy to make recommendations based on the information provided to ensure you get the right item the first time. Our lowest price guarantee ensures you get a great deal on the finished product, and our graphic design team is available to assist you in creating the safety lanyard.

Once a product has been decided on, we create a prototype for your approval, as we want you to be satisfied when the purchase is complete. After this approval has been obtained, we begin producing the order, so you can have your product in the shortest time possible. When time is of the essence, we do offer a rush service, so be sure to ask about this. We are here to serve you in any way we can and offer a wide range of products, including safety lanyards, to guarantee we do exactly this. All it takes is that first contact.