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Printed Lanyards At America's Lowest Prices Ever

Unrivaled service to our customers when you choose from our range of premium printed lanyards and logo lanyards. We offer all the old favorites like polyester and nylon in any custom color. Or maybe you prefer some of the more exotic options such as dye sublimation lanyards with photographic printing and satin insert with your logo branded. We offer 5 Day Rush anywhere in the USA on some of our lanyards and a price match guarantee so you know that that as a premium lanyard printer: we can provide you the lowest prices in America, Guaranteed!

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5 Item(s)

Order custom printed lanyards for your business

Custom polyester lanyards are an extremely unique, yet frequently overlooked way for businesses to spread the word about their products and services. Not only are lanyards useful, they can hold just about anything, from ID badges to water bottles. In this guide, readers will learn how personalized lanyards can benefit their companies.

Building Brand Awareness

When crafted properly, full color lanyards are a great marketing tool. Adding the corporate logo to the badge holders employees use will substantially increase its visibility. Custom printed lanyards may be used in a range of marketing plans. For instance, when sponsoring or attending events, high quality lanyards can accompany site maps and information pamphlets, providing additional brand exposure.


Customized lanyards can be modified to suit any business’ requirements. Because of the lanyard material being used, these products have increased durability and longevity. These useful items can easily be personalized with any information the company requires.


The low per-unit cost is one of the biggest benefits of printed lanyards. When compared with other promotional items, lanyards are typically less expensive. The reason for the low cost is the simplicity of a lanyard’s construction; most only consist of a long fabric band and a plastic or metal clasp. When these dye sublimation lanyards are purchased in bulk, they’re an exceedingly cost-efficient option.

Increased Corporate Safety

Safety is an important (and quite obvious) benefit of asking employees to wear their ID tags on neck lanyards. By requiring workers to display their credentials in this manner, managers and owners can ensure that unauthorized individuals are quickly identified.

Better Interaction With Employees

This advantage is particularly true for medium- to large-sized offices. Because all workers’ names are prominently displayed, there’s no excuse for not being on a first-name basis with everyone. The increase in personal communication won’t just make the office friendlier, it will raise productivity. As most of us know, people work more efficiently when they’re comfortable, and with lanyards, any manager can create a warmer and friendlier environment.

Working With Customers

Similar to interactions between employees, lanyards will help make employee-to-customer contact more productive as well. If a potential buyer talks to an employee but forgets their name, a quick glance at their ID badge will jog their memory. While the advantage may seem trivial to some, it actually keeps employees’ self-confidence high. When customers forget employees’ names, those workers may feel slighted. However, a colorful, attractive lanyard and badge will help both sides.

Company Unity

Along with the benefits listed here, lanyards can also help promote corporate unity and pride. By implementing a company-wide lanyard policy, managers and owners can make everyone feel like a valued team member who has something to contribute.

Better Networking Opportunities

Networking events such as seminars and conventions are a perfect opportunity to tell others about a business. However, it’s not always as simple as introducing oneself and telling them about the company, regardless of how exciting that company’s offerings may be. Whether it’s a trade show, conference, or meeting, custom lanyards are a great icebreaker.

A high quality, well-designed lanyard in an eye-catching color is sure to be noticed, and it will tell viewers that the company takes pride in itself. One of the best parts is that lanyards are affordable enough that they can be given away at events.

Higher Visibility

Finding a cost-efficient way to become more visible is one of the toughest challenges a business owner faces. Knowing where to make investments can be difficult, especially when returns are uncertain. However, with printed lanyards, companies can make their brands more visible without going over budget. Not only are these products affordable, they last longer than other forms of advertising, and they can go just about anywhere. In fact, some wearers may be shocked at the places where viewers will notice and ask about their lanyards.

Building Loyalty Among Customers

Brand loyalty is a significant issue for small business owners. It costs approximately seven times more to gather a new customer than it does to retain a current buyer. And, while great customer service will keep customers around, giving them something by which they can remember the company is better still. Customized lanyards make great loyalty rewards because of their versatility and usefulness. Colored lanyards made with screen printing of the company’s contact info tell customers that help is just a call away.

A More Professional Look

First impressions are everything, and most audience members form opinions of people before a single word is spoken. Therefore, details of a company’s branding and overall appearance can be quite significant where customers’ perceptions are concerned. Lanyard designs are only limited by the purchaser’s imagination, and when they’re well-designed, they can help companies’ branding efforts become more cohesive.

Widespread but Cost-Effective Promotional Efforts

Custom lanyards are a good way to promote specials and sales, and having multiple designs is a way to tell people all about these opportunities. For example, a restaurant may want to promote its drink specials, while on other nights, they may advertise the kids’ menu. Ask employees to rotate their lanyards depending on the current promotional effort.

Easy Ordering and Customization

If a buyer needs customized lanyards for a spur-of-the-moment event, it’s easy to put an order together with the help of an experienced manufacturer. Most promotional efforts require weeks (or even months) of lead time, but it’s possible to get promotional lanyards and other marketing items made and delivered quickly.

During the customization process, buyers choose the length, width, material, attachment, and color they want, as well as the messaging to be included. Once these choices are made, it’s a matter of putting everything together.

Get Started Today

Whether a business owner is ready to build customer loyalty, improve networking opportunities, or increase their company’s visibility, custom lanyards are a great way to do it. Call today to ask a designer for help and advice or to place an order for lanyards, buttons, or other promotional items.