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Plastic Card Printing & Printed ID Cards

Printed plastic cards have become quite popular. These custom print items can be used in a variety of different ways. Whether you’re looking for a way to hand out gift cards for your company, or you would like to provide your customers with a membership or VIP card. Don't give them cheap old paper cards when you can provide long-lasting, plastic business cards that will stay on their keys or in their wallet (depending on the card chosen). There are a lot of options available, which include standard business sized membership cards that can be snapped off and attached to keys.We specialize in plastic card printing and ID cards. Browse our carefully selected products below.

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5 Item(s)

Why printed plastic cards?

Using plastic cards custom printed instead of cardboard or paper is a far superior option, because the cards are durable and long-lasting. If someone spills a drink on the card, it won’t be ruined and discarded. Or, if the card is carried around in a pocket or wallet, it will still be able to maintain its shape and be usable to the recipient. Our plastic card printing is designed to withstand some serious punishment, manufactured from premium PVC or PU (We offer the choice) and our printing is extremely durable and will not wear off from regular use.

Here are some of the ways that custom cards can be used:

  • ID Badges

  • Hotel Key Cards

  • Gift Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Fundraising Cards

  • Membership Cards

  • Discount Cards

  • Loyalty Cards

  • Prayer Cards

  • Printed Door Hangers

How to customize our printed ID cards

One of the biggest advantages to custom cards is the fact that they can be customized to your needs. You can choose the size and shape of the cards, and our design team can create any type of design to be printed on the card. We have professional designers who can help with the design if needed, to ensure the cards look professional.

You may even want to consider our custom shaped plastic gift cards. Custom shaped cards can help your business cards stand out among a stack of other plastic cards that people often carry around. Custom shaped cards can be cut in the shape of a baseball for sports businesses, a wedding cake for bridal services, and much, much more. You can also choose a basic shape that is similar in size to a credit card, and put a catchy design on the card to capture people’s attention.

We can punch holes in them so they can be hung on a key chain or lanyard fitting, you can have magnetic stripes, various holographic and security printing options also exist, and there is an extremely wide range of colors available. You can pick a color scheme that matches your business logo or brand. We also have additional customization options such as sequential numbers, magnetic strips or chips, barcodes, and more.

Why choose us to promote your business?

We provide all our customers with a fast turnaround and state of the art printing methods. Backed up by 100% free design services. Our goal is to ensure you’re receiving high quality products, that are guaranteed to last. You can customize the colors, images, and branding information. Every time someone views one of your cards you will be spreading the word about your company.

When you purchase your order of customized cards from us, you can be sure you’re always getting the lowest prices around. We offer a price beat guarantee with all of our products, which mean we will lower our prices to beat any of our competitors. Contact us today to learn more about the options that are available.

The right card for the job

To get the right card design, you should think about the type of people carrying your VIP cards around and how often they’ll use it. High end retail stores people can keep your loyalty card in their wallet, and simply present it at the time of purchase. However, key tags would be a better option for a coffee shop in a busy metro area, where people are in a hurry and visit daily. We can put barcodes on the key tags so busy customers can quickly scan them, get their discount or member points, and get going!

If your membership program uses bonus points that accumulate with every purchase, a snap off card solution may be a better option. Snap offs include a standard sized card, with several key tags attached. Then customers can give the tags to family member so they can share, and assist you in getting points. Not only is that good for them, but it's also for you because all of family members will start to engage with your business as well.

Choose us for your customized plastic cards

Don't delay, our customer service is unbeatable along with our price, quality and turnaround times which cannot be matched. We can print customized logos, barcodes, sequtntial