Custom Plastic Name Badges

Custom Plastic Name Badges
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A highly durable product, and a perfect choice for any business, these name tags offer a useful return value and are a fantastic addition to business identity. Using a thin, strong plastic material, this promotional product is branded with your logo and individual names of staff. Etching and engraving options give a standout look to these name badges, enabling a professional and unique feel. Every badge is handcrafted and not machine made using outstanding print quality at 960dpi. Plastic badges are made out of ABS plastic construction

Branding Information
Laser engraving, Printing, Stamping & ink fill, Etching.
Colors Available
Made to any colour required

Why are name badges a requirement these days?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 670,000 employees left their jobs in the retail trade in January 2017, either voluntarily or involuntarily. This tends to be a challenge for employers, as they invest in these employees. Most companies provide some level of training for employees, some offer uniforms and the majority require name tags for those working in their organizations. These costs quickly add up, especially with this level of retail turnover. One way a company can reduce these costs it to make use of printed badges for employees. Why is this a good option for larger companies with retail chains or stores with multiple staff?

Printed Badges

Printed badges come in a variety of styles and all are made with a thin, strong, plastic material. They may be cut to any size and made in any color.  Companies find they are able to select from a metal or plastic backing, depending on what works best for their organization. Furthermore, they come with an epoxy finish and can be customized. Businesses may choose from etching, stamping and ink fill, printing and laser engraving, depending on which option best corresponds with their company's image. The etching and engraving options allow the name badges to stand out while providing a unique and professional feel. Employees won't mind wearing them, as they are an attractive accessory, as opposed to a name tag that is nothing more than a sticker with handwriting. 


Custom name badges may be used in a variety of areas. Employees at trade fairs need to be easily identifiable, and these printed badges help to ensure they are. The same is true at conferences and workshops employees may attend on behalf of the business. Furthermore, they are great for use within the organization, as employees may not be familiar with each other due, in part, to the high turnover. This ensures they don't spend a large part of their day asking for names of those they are working with. One use for these badges that is often overlooked is large events not connected to the corporate world. Make use of these badges for an extended family reunion, buy them for a class reunion, or purchase them for attendees at a conference or event. They are a great item to have at these and numerous other events, so think outside the box. We can help with their creation regardless of where they will be used and for what purpose.

Factors To Consider When Creating Custom Printed Badges

During the selection process, companies need to consider numerous factors. Material is the first thing to take into account, and most companies opt for high-grade plastic, thanks to its durability and versatility of design. Color is important when branding a business, thus an organization should select those colors found in the logo to ensure consistency across marketing materials. The name badges should be unique also and reflect the values of the business. They need to present a professional image to ensure those who see the badges will feel comfortable working with the company.

Furthermore, a company must determine which information they would like to include on the badge along with the employee's name. The company name is typically found on the badge along with the company logo. A business, however, may also wish to include their tagline or another message they wish to share with consumers. In addition, a company may want to designate the employee's status on the badge. This may be the same for all badges, or a company may wish to purchase new custom name badges for different purposes.

Low Cost

A business can purchase different badges for different purposes easily thanks to the low cost of these items. Basic printed name badges may be used every day, while special custom badges can be obtained for special events. As they are inexpensive as compared to many other options on the market today, a business may find they wish to order new ones for every event they sponsor.

Why Choose Us?

Call on us for all of your custom badge needs. We offer our lowest price guarantee, so you can feel comfortable knowing you aren't paying more than you must. Our superior customer service ensures clients return to us again and again, and orders ship quickly. We provide a five-day rush service when time is of the essence. Furthermore, we allow you to preview items before production starts, as we want to make certain you are satisfied with the finished project. We aren't happy until you are.

Don't settle for cheap name badges, as they can have a negative effect on your overall organization. It's best to spend a little extra to obtain printed badges that truly reflect your organization and what it has to offer. We work with large businesses to ensure they can obtain these items at an affordable cost and will do the same for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we'll help you find the product or products that are right for your business.

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Cut to any size.
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