Custom lanyards are a perfect way to show off your company's name, and they're pretty practical, too.

These everyday neck straps started life as a weapon-holder for pirates and French soldiers in the 1500s. Even 400 years later, WW2 soldiers were seen using lanyards in that same way.

Fast-forward to today, and we now see lanyards all over the place as a popular security measure and ID holder. But did you know you can use your lanyard for so much more than the obvious?

Keep reading for 12 creative ways to get the most out of your custom lanyards.

1. Trade Shows

Trade shows are crucial in helping you network, find customers, generate leads and meet suppliers. But how will people know who to talk to if they can't pick you out of a crowd, or connect you to your company?

That's when a brightly colored, custom lanyard is the cat's pajamas. We recommend getting lanyards in matching colors for tradeshows, as it's easier for potential leads to spot you at your booth, and know who to talk to.

They'll also be able to read and know your company name so you'll stand out from the competition all day long.

2. Visitor ID Pass Holders

Security at work is mighty important, so instead of issuing visitors to the workplace with a small clip-on security badge, why not use a custom lanyard.

Not only will you see their name and pass more easily, but you'll quickly be able to spot a genuine visitor from an imposter, as you'll recognize your company logo and lanyard strap.

3. Work Fun Day Medal Ribbon

On those company fun-days, you'll surely have lots of medals to hand out to competition winners!

Attach the medals to a personalized lanyard to tie them into the company brand and theme.

4. Conventions

Whether it's Comic-Con, a business conference or a scrapbook expo, your custom lanyard is the perfect traveling companion.

Not only will it hold your entry pass for the event, but you'll also be able to advertise your business at the same time.

5. Treasure Hunt Clues

This is where we start getting really creative! Remember those outdoor treasure hunts you used to love as a kid? Well, the fun doesn't need to stop just because you're all grown up.

Treasure hunts are actually a great team-building exercise, so go nuts! Attach a clue to your custom lanyard and hang it from a tree, from a window ledge - anywhere you fancy.

Come on, it'll be fun! Plus your team will remember the awesome company behind the treasure hunt shenanigans.

6. DIY Water Bottle Holder

Water bottles are an absolute necessity, especially in the summer, but they can be a pain to carry around.

Instead of the hassle of carting your bottle around with you or, even worse, forgetting it somewhere, make a bottle holder!

All you need is a rubber O-ring and your lanyard. Slip the O-ring around the bottle's neck, and clip it to your custom lanyard for an instant water-bottle hack.

7. Passport Pouch Strap

Whether it's a vacation or one of many company business trips, fumbling around for your passport can be pretty frustrating. First your bag, then your pocket - it always seems to be in the last place you'd look.

Save yourself the trouble - slip your passport into a pouch, and clip it to your trusty lanyard.

Or, if you're feeling creative, you can make your own passport pouch to match your lanyard.

8. Hall Passes for Students

If your business provides goods or services related to schools or colleges, then a custom lanyard is a great marketing tool.

Why not provide them with some pre-designed hall passes attached to your company's lanyards. It'll be a great useful item for them, and daily advertising for you.

9. Make an ID Wallet

You probably use your company lanyard to hold your ID every day, but what if there was a hands-free way to carry around your essentials, too?

Well actually, there is - you can make your own ID wallet and have your valuables on you and accessible, everywhere you go.

10. Camping Shower Helpers

A waterproof lanyard can be invaluable for your camping shower kit. Yes, you heard us right; you can - and should - take your lanyard camping!

It can be difficult getting your kit together for bathtime, and once you're in the municipal showers, how do you keep all of it off the floor?

Clip your shower supplies to your lanyard and you're good to go. Just hang the loaded lanyard over the shower head or tap, and you'll be able to store everything neatly and at your fingertips.

11. Key Organizer

Lanyards also work great as key organizers.

Most of us have key hooks that we hang our door-keys from, but when you're responsible for company keys, car keys, house keys and all the rest, your bunch starts to get too big for the hook.

Save yourself the daily irritation of your keys falling to the floor by using lanyards to hang your keys from instead.

Either hang it on your key hook, or you can get fancy and make something like this, for a pretty display.

12. Disneyland Pin Trading Holder

If you've ever taken your child to Disneyworld, you'll probably have noticed their envy at the Disney pin kids.

Disney pin trading makes the Disney experience interactive, as Disney guests get to trade special pins with members of the cast, and other guests.

The problem is, some of the pins are pretty valuable and expensive, and when they're dropped or lost, you can lose out on hundreds of dollars.

Instead, lend your kid your lanyard, and attach their Disney pins to it. You'll keep your cash in your pocket, and your child will feel like a VIP all day long.

The Takeaway

Lanyards are a great invention, even if they were first sported by pirates.

Nowadays, you're more likely to see a lanyard in the office or at a corporate event. But the humble lanyard's got so much more life in it than just being stuck in the office all day long.

Read up on our 12 tips and see if you can come up with different ways to use your custom lanyard. It'll prove handy when you're out and about, and it'll provide you with advertising that doesn't cost a thing.

Ready to order your custom lanyard? Check out our range and find the perfect one for your business.