Silicone Lanyards

Silicone Lanyards
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Manufactured from 100% hypo-allergenic silicone - this particular lanyard is available in an alost limitless number of decoration methods so you are able to tailor make the perfect lanyard for your next promotion or event. The ability to easily wash and keep clean make the silicone lanyard a perfect choice for anyone in the medical industry.


We can if requested source custom lanyard fittings, we can also color code and powdercoat lanyard fittings if you require.

Lanyard Fittings

Colors Available

Material colors available

These colors are our standard and in stock colors. They offer an affordable, fast solution for lanyard material colors.

However we also offer pantone matching with a choice of over 850 colors custom matched to suit your exact brand color.

In Stock Colours


Silicone Lanyards, washable, durable, outstanding value

One of the most versatile synthetic creations is silicone. It can come in many forms and can be used in many ways. One such form is silicon lanyards.

Why choose silicon lanyards?

There are many different materials that go into making top quality lanyards and some popular choices are nylon, polyester, satin and even plant silk lanyards. Each of them has specific benefits to offer. But when you choose silicone lanyards you can get benefits such as:

  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Easy to clean lanyards.
  • Application in various kinds of industries such as medical, hospitality and so on.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone which means that the individual who is using them does not have to worry about any kind of reaction.
  • Customization by way of decorative printing, colors and even embossed printing.

Silicone and colors

One of the most interesting reasons why you should choose silicon lanyards is the fact that they can be shaded and colored in many different ways. You can choose from a chart according to Pantone Matching System and enjoy effects such as marbled colors and segmented colors of multiple shades. All of which simply goes into making the silicon lanyards one of the most interesting and versatile products out there. View our pantone chart for a comprehensive selection of available colors.

Who should choose silicone lanyards?

Given the fact that these lanyards are extremely easy to maintain, it does make a perfect choice for people in the medical industry to choose silicone lanyards. However, the many advantages simply means that almost any business owner can choose and use silicone lanyards with great convenience. Silicone lanyards take on a stretchy feel, they are a fun twist on an already popular item. They can still be used for all the security and utility purposes that lanyards are used for however they take on a more vibrant and fun appearance and are great for promoting a message, they are safe and have multiple clips and fitting options available.

Lost your marbles?

We've got marble color options available, multi color segment and even a swirl effect. This is where we mix multiple colors and then agitate the mold to mix them by a specific amount. The result is a true myriad of explosive color. We recommend this if your looking to stand out from the crowd with your brand! Beware though, certain color mixtures can mix and crate undesirable results such as green and yellow making brown and also certain print colors don't stand out as well on marble effect lanyard. However our designers will recommend and discuss all of this with you prior to the final production and we will provide you with artwork prior to final production of the items.

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