Are you tired of handing out stress balls or customized pens at every convention you attend?

Do you feel like you're consistently losing business to your competition because no one seems to know that your company even exists?

Are you looking for a promotional item that will take your target market by surprise and help to keep your brand in the minds of your customers long after you make your first impression?

If so, then make this the year that you dream up the perfect customized lanyard designs for your business. So, what makes custom lanyards such a smart marketing idea, and what should you consider when creating your own?

Read on to find out.

Why Should You Invest In Custom Lanyard Designs?

Before we start advising you on the things you should consider when it comes to creating custom lanyard designs, let's first discuss why these unique promotional items are such a good idea.

First of all, the most obvious reason: they'll help your company to build brand recognition. When people are able to see promotional lanyard for your company every day throughout the year (if they put them on their car keys or on their backpacks, for example) your brand will never be far from their minds.

They'll already know exactly who to call when they need the goods or services you have to offer. Think of your promotional custom lanyards as a new type of business card for your business.

It's Affordable Marketing

Additionally, it's an incredibly cost-effective form of marketing. Why spend hundreds -- if not hundreds of thousands -- of dollars on television ads, social media marketing, and spots in your local paper when you're not even sure if your target market will end up seeing them?

By giving away your custom lanyards, you'll not only make an impression on your current clients. You'll also help to generate buzz among other potential customers, when they see your promotional lanyards out and about in public and start to ask questions about your brand.

It's Fun For Your Employees And Customers

Another reason why investing in custom lanyard designs is such a smart idea?

It's a wonderful way to build employee relationships and help to unite your team no matter where they are. Your team will love getting together to decide on the colors, dream up the design, and place the orders. It's a fun activity that will give your employees a physical reminder of how much you appreciate them, and serve as a symbol for how everyone should work as a team.

Finally, everyone loves getting free stuff! Giving away free lanyards is an awesome way to show your customers that you appreciate their loyalty. You might be surprised at just how much of a good impression even a smaller gift like a lanyard can make.

Tips To Nail The Perfect Lanyard Designs

Consider The Color

Of course, when you're beginning to create your custom lanyard designs, the colors you're planning to use will likely be the first thing you think about.

If you're interested in building your brand recognition alone, then keep things consistent by selecting your company colors.

However, did you know that colors can also create an emotional response within the person receiving them?

If you want to instill a sense of trust between you with your clients, go with navy blue. Want to symbolize the growth that your clients will experience when they work with you? If so, choose a green design. Want to communicate that your brand thinks outside of the box? Then choose purple.

Don't Forget The Lanyard Type

After you've decided on the colors, you'll also need to think about which type of lanyard will work the best for your brand.

For example, choose wrist strap lanyards if you want to keep things compact. If you're a company that's all about going green, then look into our recycled, bamboo, and other eco-friendly options.

Need your lanyard to help support a name tag or ID badge at an upcoming event? If so, keep everyone comfortable with a silicone option. Do your employees or lanyard recipients do dangerous work? If so, look for adjustable lanyards that will help to keep them safe on the job.

Decide On Branding Placement And Size

Now that you've decided on your lanyard's color, material, and overall purpose, you should start thinking about the finer points of the design.

Do you want your branding to be more subtle, or would you like it to be loud and proud?

Would you like for your company's name to be printed around the entire lanyard, or would you only like it on the front side?

No matter which option you choose, it's important to keep the readability of the overall design in mind when creating. Even the most elegant design won't be able to help you if no one can read your brand's name because you've chosen an illegible font or size.

In addition to lettering, remember that you can also choose to add small images, like your company logo, to the design. Talk to your team about which image would help you to stand out the most, and as you did with the lettering, be sure to consider the size and placement.

Where Can You Get Your Customized Lanyards?

We create incredible lanyard designs that you can take anywhere -- whether you're headed to a conference, are setting up a booth outside of a local soccer game or other sporting event, or just want to slip one inside of a shopping bag or shipping box.

In addition to lanyards, we also sell customizable pet leads and collars, camera straps, ID cards/accessories, and much more.

In short, you matter what kind of impression you want to make or what your overall branding style is like, we help you to create the perfect promotional products to help it gain even more recognition in the new year.

Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation quote to learn how we'll work together to blow the competition out of the water.