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Transparent Plastic Cards

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Minimum Order Qty: 250 units

Brand new and a very popular product, these transparent plastic cards allow for vibrant and rich full color recreations.

Decoration method: CMYK Digital printing (photo print)

Any shape or size you require can be created with your specific needs in mind. We can then create full color print designs onto these cards, featuring a photographic recreation and powerful gradients with your branding information - the sky is the limit!

Perfect for: Clubs, Associations, Hotels and restaurants, Night Clubs, Retailers, Wholesalers, VIP Members, Professional Bodies, Schools, Universities and Libraries etc.


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Plastic Card Options

Transparent ID Cards With Your Branding

It is quite a challenge to make your business card stand apart in this crowded world. How do you ensure that your card does not get tossed into the bin by the recipient? How do you ensure that your name, your business organization and even your logo gets instant recall? You go in for transparent plastic cards of course.

Why choose transparent plastic cards?

One of the ways in which you can make an impact is to print your details on a transparent plastic card. This simply means that:
•    You can enjoy complete recreation of all your details including photographs and images on even a small bit of transparent plastic.
•    You get a card that is extremely vibrant and completely faithful to your combination of colors as per your corporate colors or logo and so on.
•    You can create almost any unique shape and any size with transparent plastic cards.

Who should choose these cards?

Almost anybody who wants to make a good impression in the business world can go in for a transparent plastic card. In most cases, clubs and associations of various kinds, wholesalers, educational institutions and hospitality establishments choose transparent plastic cards in order to make a difference.

Some of the things that you can add on to such transparent plastic cards are embossed numbering, magnetic strips and even writable signature strips in case you so desire. These transparent plastic cards can also be carried in various kinds of holders whenever you need to show your identification to somebody.

What exactly do they finish like

The cards are clear, your design is then transferred to them before having an extreme heavy duty layer placed over the top to prevent the print rubbing off. With that being said the card is still thin enough to be placed in a wallet, ID badge holders or a used in various machines, scanners, swipe machines or they can even be fitted with an NFC chip for contactless entry to secure areas or proximity doors.

Printing is vibrant and colorful, and the clear sections render very well when the line shines through them. The effect is truly brilliant which makes these transparent plastic cards so special. Trust us when we say having a nicely printed, well designed plastic card for your VIP tags, loyalty cards or rewards cards will make a huge difference to your marketing efforts. People will view a poorly designed or low quality card as a reflection on your business.

We help you at every stage of the ordering process, we design the cards on your behalf if you choose and then produce to exacting standards. Can you imagine if you order a low quality or cheap alternative and they began to peel, flake or the print started coming off. People would discard the cards and the return rate of your customers would drop significantly.