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Plastic Membership Key Tags

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Printed with any custom design and information you require - these plastic membership key tags are ideal for gyms and loyalty customer cards.

Decoration method: CMYK Digital printing (photo print)

Any size you require, we can manufacture. 

Minimum Order: 100 units

Perfect for: Clubs, Associations, Hotels and restaurants, Night Clubs, Retailers, Wholesalers, VIP Members, Professional Bodies, Schools, Universities and Libraries etc.


Pricing information

Pricing is available on application due to fluctuating raw material costs. Please request a quote using the form above and we will respond within the hour with a fully written estimate.

Unit Quantity 100 Units 250 Units 500 Units 1000 Units 2500 Units 5000+ Units
Price per unit $2.15 $1.68 $0.98 $0.55 $0.28 $0.18

Additional options

Barcodes, sequential numbering, magnetic strip, signature writable zone, raised silver numbering, debossing or stamping.

Add $0.12c per unit per option

Holographic stamping, silver foil print, QR codes.

Add $0.05c per unit per option

Plastic Card Options

Custom membership tags can provide serious benefits

Make your valued clients feel special with custom membership tags. Membership cards that are handwritten or typed up by hand will give the wrong impression about the professionalism and competence of your organization, so it pays to have sleek, attractive materials printed up. You can even incorporate data about customer preferences, purchase history and reward programs into VIP key tags.

Fulfill an Important Function

Our good-looking cards provide a service that private clubs, gyms, academic institutions, professional bodies and other groups demand. Basically, the problem facing any membership-based organization is how to verify identity and status without causing annoyance or delay. Our membership tags allow you to efficiently address these issues, and they allow you to do so with style and elan.

Personalized Service

We don't believe in providing cookie-cutter service. When you partner with us, we'll assist you through all phases of the process from an initial evaluation of your requirements to the final production of your cards. Our in-house designers will proof everything to make sure all is well before sending your membership cards to you. We offer 10-day turnaround standard on all orders, and it's possible to get your cards even sooner through our rush services.

Present a Favorable Image

Our solutions serve to promote your business or institution to the public at large. Members will have their loyalty or ID cards with them in their wallets or purses, so your company will remain fresh in their minds. They'll be able to show their cards to friends and anyone else who inquires about your services. We can put your name, logo, slogan and other info right on the face of the card so that it will act as a captivating ad. Our printing processes are even sophisticated enough to generate photographic-quality images.

When you choose to work with us, you'll have plenty of options available to you. We believe that each membership tag or VIP key tag we make should be tailored to the unique needs of our client. Based upon your own wishes and preferences, we can employ:

  • Signature strips to prevent identity fraud
  • Embossed numbering for an upscale look and feel
  • Sequential numbering to uniquely identify every client
  • Hole punching so that cards can be placed on keychains
  • Magnetic strips and barcodes for easy scanning
  • RFID chips for location tracking purposes
  • CMYK digital printing or offset printing depending on what's right for your project

There's no reason to struggle with antiquated, poorly printed cards when you can obtain cutting-edge membership tags and VIP key tags today. Our well-crafted cards are known for their durability, so you'll probably get years of use out of them. Contact us to find out more about our products.