Bottle Opener ID puller

Bottle Opener ID puller
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Bottle opener pullers offer all of the great options as Carabina pullers with the added ability as serving as a bottle opener. A great idea for pubs or as a great corporate gift. Badge holders are extendable for up to 1 metre and can be retracted, swiped or shown to security personnel, making them a great choice for access points.


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Further information

These Bottle opener pullers have two different features, which basically gives you double the product for your money. At first glance, these helpful little tools may just seem like ordinary bottle openers. However, it can also be used to hold an ID or access card that is able to be stretched out for ease of use when attached to the bottle opener puller. These bottle opener pullers can also be customized to promote your unique, brand, business, or logo.

They are an ideal purchase for someone in a restaurant, bar, or lounge type of business. A bartender or waiter will have the ability to open a loyal customer’s drink, while openly carrying their required ID, or access cards. They’re also great for beer and liquor distributors, concert venues, sports clubs, and much more. If your employees need a card to access doors or registers, they can save needless time fidgeting with a wallet or pocket, and simply stretch out the puller to use their card. The best part is that they don’t even have to worry about putting away their card. It will simply bounce back to its original position.

Retractable pullers have a lot of advantages to offer such as:

•    The elimination of strings that can get in the way.

•    The ability to be stowed away neatly.

•    Immense amount of customization.

When it comes to customization, bottle opener pullers have become extremely popular because of the scope they offer for immense flexibility and brand promotion.

The market for bottle opener pullers

When you choose to put your product image or name on bottle opener pullers, you are enhancing your promotional outreach immensely. Some of the marketing potential that becomes available to you includes:

•    Bartenders or pub owners.

•    Restaurant owners.

•    Waiters and servers

•   And even people who want to give their own customers something to remember them by!

A bottle opener puller is nothing but a bottle opener that has been fixed on a retractable puller that can be carried rather conveniently.

Brand promotion and functionality

A bottle opener is an extremely handy and convenient item. It is truly something that people would like to carry in their pockets or bags. After all, the necessity of opening a bottle may be needed at any time. Rather than trying to open the bottle with your teeth or trying to improvise with other implements, you simply reach for the bottle opener puller and be the ‘hero of the day’. The bottle opener area is perfect to print your brand message or logo which will serve as a complete and constant reminder of your business to people as well.

We offer wide range of vibrant colors for you to choose from, so that you can choose the color scheme that best fits your business. All our products are made with quality materials to ensure durability and satisfaction. You will never have to worry about your logo and brand wearing off, or getting dull. Although our products are made with quality, your bank account will never suffer for it.

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