Custom Camera Straps

Custom Camera Straps
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Custom Camera Straps are an increasingly popular product. With options for a full color design or a simple 1 color screen print this product offers a robust branding opportunity. Logos, company information, email and phone numbers are just some of the additional info you can add!

Custom cut to any length you require. We can also provide pantone matching for custom colors on all of our materials.


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Custom branded camera straps can promote your camera store

A recent study of camera sales found that stand-alone camera purchases have been declining by double-digit figures in recent years. This concerns many retailers, as cameras were a large part of their sales in the last century, but the invention of smartphones with cameras built in has really made a dent in the industry. What can a retailer do to combat this decline? One way they may encourage individuals to purchase a stand-alone camera is to offer a free item with each sale. A good promotional item for this purpose is a custom camera strap, one that increases brand awareness for the retailer.

Why A Camera Strap?

Pay attention to any professional photographer. They always have a wide range of items close at hand to ensure they can capture a great shot. Many people carry around heavy camera bags to hold all of this equipment, but digging through this bag takes time. This may lead to an opportunity being missed, and nobody likes that. Furthermore, many photographers possess a passion for their art and wear the camera as some people wear jewelry. The strap ensures they can share their love of this craft with everyone they meet, as their camera can be taken everywhere they go with ease. The strap ensures their ability to carry out other activities won't be hampered when their hands remain free.

Photographers wish to save their money to buy accessories for use with their cameras, such as lenses and filters. A camera strap is almost essential but isn't something that improves their art, thus they may hesitate to make the purchase. By presenting the buyer with a camera strap, you have provided them with an item they will use regularly and improves their life. The fact that it is free will likely increase their loyalty to the company that provided it.

The Benefits Of A Camera Strap

A camera strap does much more than keep the camera handy for the photographer. With a camera strap, the photographer finds he or she can change lenses in less time, as the camera conveniently hangs around his or her neck. The strap also helps to safeguard the camera during a difficult shot. As every photographer can attest, sometimes the perfect shot requires the person hang over a balcony, climb up a ladder, or get into an awkward position. Trying to maintain one's balance at these times is hard enough without having to hang onto a camera. The strap keeps the camera safe at these times.

Photographers often go into crowded locations to get pictures, and the camera may accidentally be jostled and knocked out of the photographer's hand. With the strap, the camera may still fall, but it won't go far as the strap will secure it. Furthermore, the odds of the unit being stolen are reduced when the camera is held around the user's neck. Finally, there are certain situations where multiple cameras are needed. The use of straps makes this a much simpler undertaking.

Who Does The Custom Camera Strap Suit?

Camera and photography stores often purchase custom-made camera straps to distribute to their customers. The straps are suitable for use with heavy DSLR cameras or professional grade units but are also ideal for point-and-shoot cameras, many of which don't come with any type of camera strap. Consumers love them, as it frees their hands up, but still keeps the camera easily accessible at all times. The strap, every time it is worn, brings attention to the business that provides it and announces where the individual bought their camera and gear. Consumers will know exactly where to go to get a similar setup.

Customizing The Camera Strap

Companies find they have numerous options when creating a custom camera strap. Some businesses opt to put their name and phone number, yet others want to include a logo, URL, or other pertinent information. Our team of graphic designers works with clients to determine which items are best for their strap and which design will provide them with the most exposure. A strap is never produced until the client has approved the final design, as this ensures complete satisfaction when the product is delivered.

Why Lanyards USA?

Lanyards USA offers custom camera straps and numerous other items of benefit to a photographer. In addition, we offer superior customer service and train all of our employees to put the customer first. We are known for our extremely fast turnaround and provide five-day rush services when needed. We possess the ability to custom cut the strap to the client's specifications and can print anything from a full-color design to a simple one-color event.

Contact us today to begin your order. Our graphic design team immediately springs into action to produce the perfect design for your needs. The sooner you make this initial contact, the sooner we can have your custom camera straps at your door. When this is the case, not only do your customers benefit, your business does too.

Size Info

40mm, 50mm and 60mm options available

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