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There are many ways in which a business organization can reach out to a wider audience that can also consist of potential customers. This is true even of small and medium businesses that are on a budget or face resource constraints. Some of the ways are:

  • Sponsoring local events.
  • Putting up strategically placed advertisements.
  • Running a blog on a website.
  • Having a robust social media presence and so on.

Another interesting and hugely dynamic way in which a small business can reach out to a larger audience is through an educational event.

How does this work?

Think about this for a second – imagine that a freelance interior designer works from home. She or he may have all software and expertise necessary to convert a space into a spectacular entity. How does this individual reach a large number of people? Would it not be easy and exciting to conduct a small little educational event on “Design for Inner Spaces – How Interior Designing Works For You”?

This educational event can bring together potential customers, architects, contractors and even financial partners is it not? The designer can talk about the use of colors, furnishing, accessories and so on and have live demos as well.

So if you are a small business owner and are looking to make a huge impact with an educational event, here are a few things you can keep in mind.

The appeal of educational events

It is a fact that small businesses hold a large number of events and seminars – perhaps because these are easier to plan and can be monitored thoroughly too. Some of the reasons why such events appeal to small businesses are:

  • They can be very focused on their expertise.
  • Face to face and meaningful interactions are possible.
  • Organizing them can be vastly easier than organizing larger events.

So whether it is a small bakery owner holding classes for educating people about icing for cakes or an investment expert addressing an audience about the ways in which they can invest their hard earned money wisely – the event is sure to find a lot of takers.

How to make it successful?

While the idea of holding such an event may be fascinating, a small business owner has to also think about how to make it a success. The event itself may not be hugely expensive to organize but the results have to be more customers and more business is it not? Fortunately, there is enough knowledge and information out there that you can tap into.

Such information can come from:

  • Different websites dedicated to event planning.
  • Expert voices who have been in the meetings and event planning industry for a long time now.
  • Online chat forums.
  • Free productivity tools and so on.

Think about the method of delivery

Say a vociferous ‘no’ to the lecture only method. Even if you are handling a mundane topic such as tax planning or legal subjects, stay far away from the ‘lecture only’ method. Your talk with the audience has to bring together:

  • Live demonstrations.
  • Other interesting visual components too.

In fact, in most cases, you should think of how you can get your audience involved in what you are doing.

It is all about the learning process

Yes, you are a guru in your field. Yes, your knowledge levels are unsurpassed and yes, you believe that your audience will learn a great deal from your event. But your skills and knowledge are not enough when it comes to an educational event. You have to focus on delivering high value when it comes to facilitating the learning process. Your entire event – speech and demo included – should be all about getting the person in your audience to learn and take away this learning and apply it in life.

This means that you focus on not just engaging the audience but engaging the person after he or she has left your event.

Continued relationship

Once the event is over, you have to look for ways and means to stay in touch with the people concerned. Of course, this means that you have planned for some way to collect their contact details when they attend your event. Social media marketing, email newsletters and even personalized letters and telephone calls can make an impact.

It is a great idea to look for a professional partner who can supplement your expertise too. For instance, if you are a wedding planner organizing an event, then why not partner up with a florist, a caterer and a bridal gown designer?

Finally, it is good to keep in mind that an educational event is not a sales pitch. Instead, you should use the time to attract customers because you have given them an insight into how you operate and the professional capability that you possess in a particular area.

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