Events to grow your business

Grow Your Business With these 7 Event Tips

7 Events That Can Help Grow Your Business

Conducting an event is perhaps one of the easiest ways in which you can meet a range of business goals. Some of these goals could encompass:

  • Marketing plans.
  • Launch of a new product.
  • Accessing new markets.
  • Announcing major business plans.
  • Building stronger brand image and so on.

Here are 7 types of events that can help your business expand dramatically.

Taster or sampling events

If your product is capable of being sampled then then try this. For example, if you are a baker, then you can conduct an event where you demonstrate baking, frosting, icing and so on. You can also put together a smorgasbord of your products in mini size.

Why you should try such an event:

  • Lower financial outlays.
  • Smaller batches to produce.
  • The opportunity to put a large of products on display.
  • The perfect chance to capitalize on people liking your product and converting it into hard sales

The panel of users

Your customers are the best judges of the products and services you offer. So why not put together a panel of your customers and ask them for their inputs on the products you want to introduce into the market? All you have to do is put them together and then present the product or concept or idea or service to the panel.

Why you should try such an event:

  • You can rely on unbiased and honest feedback from customers.
  • When you are successful in selling to a group of customers, you can rest assured that your product should be well received in the marketplace as well.
  • You may also get new ideas from the panel by way of feedback.

Meet and greet

Holding a networking event can yield massive results for you and your business. You can choose almost any time of the day but do pay attention to what you want to achieve during such events. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner and lunch menus are your specialties then you should hold a networking lunch event.  You should pay attention to your guest list.

Why you should try such an event:

  • A networking event is a great way to forge new connections which may pay off in surprising ways in the future.
  • Your guests can bring in a lot of publicity for your business simply because they have attended the event.

An informational event

Most small businesses start with their owners feeling that they have specific expertise to offer and the belief that they can convert this expertise into something lucrative. So why not conduct an event that showcases your proficiency to a larger audience. Organizing an event that gives people a look into what you do is all about giving people a chance to see why you can harness such industry specific knowledge for them.

Why you should try such an event:

  • You can exercise full control over the content of such an event and highlight your areas of expertise.
  • It positions you as a savant in your area of business.

The insider’s view

One of the most fascinating ways in which you can get people to interact with your brand is to give them a chance to look within. Most clients – potential and existing – would love to have a look at the work that goes on to make your products. For instance, if you create jewelry – why not have one day in which people come over to your place and see how the designers and artisans work to make those accessories? Why you should try such an event:

  • It gives a sense of belonging to an ‘Inner Club’.
  • Your clients get a better understanding of the uniqueness of your products.

Holiday event

Whether it is Christmas, Halloween, Spring or Summer, you can use a specific time of the year to plan an event. And you can easily fit it into your business and the products it sells. For instance, if you are in the business of wedding planning, then why not plan an event well before the onset of spring and show potential brides all the romance and beauty of a Spring wedding planned by you?

Why you should try such an event:

  • There is a lot of potential for complete customization.
  • You can conduct an event with the most spectacular decorations and food too.

The practical event

If your product has lots of facets to offer to its customers then you should think of conducting a ‘how to use’ your product event. For instance, if you have an online tool that can help people with collaboration then why not have an event that showcases the same to a team of business people.

Why you should try such an event:

  • This is the most practical way in which people interact and learn about your product.
  • With a successful first use of the product, the chances of buying the product or service are extremely high.
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