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Our top 5 accountant advertising ideas

As an accountant or tax agent, tax time might be your busiest period in the year, but this doesn’t mean you should remain idle in the quieter months. Get out and market yourself with these great promo item ideas, and if your worried about cost, Promotional items are tax deductible! (Tip: you don’t have to be an accounting firm to follow these simple steps, most business to business service providers and supplier can benefit from the below guide.)

It is always useful to think of a promotional item that can help your ‘target market’. Prescription writing pads for doctors, writing instruments for teachers and printed pet leashes for dog owners are all great ideas. You can also come up with quite a few ‘out of the box ideas’, especially if you are thinking of great promotional items to promote your accountancy firm and services. Here are a few accountant advertising ideas to get you started.

Our range of Lanyards

Everybody needs a lanyard simply because it can be:

  • An easy way to carry a large number of things.
  • A convenient way to display an individual’s identity and credentials.
  • Used for multiple purposes.

From your point of view, a lanyard is a great promotional item because you can print the name and address and any other details pertaining to your accounting firm on the strap of the lanyard.

It would be useful for you to pay attention to the material that goes into the making of the lanyard so that you choose a high quality and durable product. Various kinds of attachments and clips will also make your lanyard a versatile item that will be used for a very long time to come by the individual concern. You can browse styles here

Printed marquees

Think of a visually appealing pagoda, or a tent or even a classic marquee stand. This is one of the best ways in which you can promote your accountancy firm because everybody is drawn to a marquee. You can become part of several events such as marathons, community fairs, and beach side stalls and so on. Simply choose a beautiful marquee and print the name of your firm in bold letters so people remember you.

You can also tie up with a manufacturer of printed marquees and think of some very unusual shapes – domes and star shaped tents included. Your corporate colors can also be incorporated in terms of the colors of the marquee itself and the artwork services that go into making the marquee unique.  Google “Event Display” to find producers of these types of items.

Be tastefulTip: Be tasteful in your branding, when people think about an accounting or financial service provider they need to think of trust. Screaming your brand and using distasteful colors etc will not lead to a positive brand image

Promotional air fresheners

Everybody loves a clean and fragrant room and a car. An air freshener, especially in a car is not just a useful item but is also a visual promotion tool for your accountancy firm. Print your name on an air freshener that is placed on the dashboard and you will be remembered every time the driver of the car or the passengers enjoy an aromatic drive!

You can think of air fresheners that come in a spray form or even car air freshener badges. Considering the fact that this is a very practical item for every car owner, you can rest assured that you will stay in visual distance for a very long time to come!

Customized USB drives

Data storage solutions are used by everybody and the size of a USB drive makes it possible for people to:

  • Cart it along everywhere.
  • Use multiple USB drives for holding multiple types of contents.
  • Eliminate the need to carry bulky laptops and so on.

You can easily invest in USB drives with the name of your firm printed on them so that it is an ‘always on’ reminder home for an individual who is bound to use the USB drive multiple times during the day.


This is an unusual promotional item choice simply because a lot of people have graduated onto online mediums for storing their paperwork. But, there still are quite a lot of people out there who are doing their paperwork in conventional forms – with paper and pen or pencil. So why not invest in a great looking custom branded compendium which can act as a portfolio for the individual? Corporate compendiums look ever so stylish and can be a huge association of quality for your accounting firm.

All the above promotional items are available online. You simply have to look at multiple websites and go through the images and product specifications in order to choose the correct item.

Of course, you can always go in for a combination of all the five items because they can be used in different arenas and different events. For instance, if you use a printed marquee at an outdoor event, then you can certainly choose to give the customized compendium at a business conference. A lanyard is great when you are part of a trade event. Tie up with an automobile show or even an automobile manufacturer or seller so that you can place your car fresheners in his premises.

BONUS: 4 Tips on how to stand out

AdvertisingHow will you stand out in a saturated market? Use the tips below to get your business brand seen by more people.

Get your brand right

It is important to identify your strengths and look for niche markets to tap into. Those markets need to know almost instantly what you stand for. For instance, it could be expertise in handling a specific type of corporate taxation or financial services. Your mission statement should go a long way in helping people understand your accounting firm and the specific expertise that it has.

Your promotion strategy

Once you have established your strength areas, you need to craft a judicious mix for your promotional strategy. It should bring together sales letters, client references, online strategies and so on. In fact, when you meet prospective customers, it would be useful for you to carry a letter of reference from an existing client. It makes a difference for a new customer to peruse a letter of reference written by a well established and older customer who has been using your accounting services for a while.

Don’t forget the online world

Most certainly, sales letters and referral letters can go a very long way in telling people about your firm. Equally important is to tap into the online world as well and use the leading social media networks to interact with potential customers out there. One important thing to remember here is to be conversational rather than ‘pitchy’ when talking to people, you could even offer to offer a Q&A service over twitter.

DID YOU KNOW: If you don’t have time to manage multiple social networks, try a social media management tool like Hootsuite

Get personal

Networking is one of the best ways in which you can build opportunities for your accounting firm. So whether it is talking to local businessmen or attending various community events – they should all lead up to more people knowing about your firm’s skills and competence.

What to do now?

We can assist with all of your lanyard needs, id cards and badge holders. We also offer a massive range of marketing items to suit your companies message.

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