Online Reputation for a Business

4 Steps to improve online reputation

As a corporate company, medium or small business owner. It is important to use items like Lanyards and other items in conjunction with your staffs uniforms and give various promotional gifts out. This is marketing best practice.


But what about your online reputation?. Even today people still ignore some simple steps to improve their online presence.

Its is a shame because it tells a lot about your company to potential customers. As people search for contractors and products online, various search engines take into account of their location so they can provide accurate results for local prospects. Below are three free internet-marketing tips that local businesses can’t afford to not do.

  • 1 – Complete an Accurate and Thoroughly put together Google+ profile.

You may not understand Google+ and think it is all about social media interaction, however, it is not. It’s not a waste of time either. Google+ combines the power of Google Places and Google Maps. Therefore, when your business is listed with Google+, it’s creating a net – linking your company’s identity together.

In the search results, you can see how a link to the particular company’s Google+ page is displayed. It’s shown right below, and the business owners did not have to complete any information. Google automatically creates this business page. However, it’s to your advantage to verify and complete your Google+ page with your business information, such as the:

  • Hours
  • Location(s)
  • Contact information
  • Website

In completing your profile thoroughly and accurately, you will get maximum exposure on Google’s network.

  • 2 – Ask for Customer Testimonials and Ratings.

As you can get reviews and ratings from third-party sites, Google again produces the best results. Your rankings increase as customers leave reviews directly on Google. For businesses appearing in search results, those with a high rating and plenty of reviews will gather more interest. This is because users can dive in and see what others like and dislike about your products and services.

One of the main deciding factors in any industry is how customers perceive your business and if they have left you a positive public rating. As long as there are positive reviews and genuine testimonials, customers are sure to contact you. Bonus tip: It is not yet proven, but there is talk that your google+ review score can assist your social media presence and your search presence, so get those testimonials rolling in.

  • 3 – Maintain Consistent Listings For All Business Mentions

Make sure to verify all your business listings are consistent across the web. Bing, Google and Yahoo look at all contact information and then puts it together to verify that you are a legitimate company. You can easily perform an audit of your business online and ensure everything is consistent. Just ensure you claim each listing on Google and other search engines, don’t forget to track your brand mentions across the web using a tool like Hootsuite or Ranktanks mention finder

Tie these nifty online marketing tips in with a solid marketing collateral campaign (flyers, brochures, lanyards, staff ID, good uniforms etc and you can’t go wrong. Obviously some clever word of mouth marketing goes a long way too and some free stuff for your clients will always generate some return custom.

  • 4 – Ensure your social media tags are plastered on all print merchandise

Conference supplies and other promo gadgets with your logo and branding information can be given out to people. Our company specialize in these items in case you haven’t already worked that out, And when you design your items or start brainstorming ideas for print. Ensure your social media URL’s and @ handles are included, don’t forget to generate your Facebook vanity URL. Read this guide if your not sure how to generate your vanity url. You can also generate a QR code and have it printed on lanyards, tote bags, keyrings or anything else your going to give to clients as a gift item.

Where to get printed merchandise from

We can assist with all of your printing needs. We also offer a massive range of marketing items to suit your companies message.

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