Personalized Luggage Straps

Personalized Luggage Straps
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Give travelling customers something truly fantastic with your brand and information branded. A fully personalized luggage strap available in a wide range of colors and branding methods such as executive woven screen print and CMYK Dye Sub full color photographic recreation.

Colors Available

Material colors available

These colors are our standard and in stock colors. They offer an affordable, fast solution for lanyard material colors.

However we also offer pantone matching with a choice of over 850 colors custom matched to suit your exact brand color.

In Stock Colours


Pricing information

Pricing is available on application due to fluctuating raw material costs. Please request a quote using the form above and we will respond within the hour with a fully written estimate.

Personalized Luggage Straps

Promotional, Printed & Personalized Luggage Straps

Journeys tend to be tiring. When a person must stand and wait for their luggage to arrive, frustration can quickly become an issue. With the help of personalized luggage straps, an individual can easily identify their baggage and move on to the next part of their trip, whether it be home or another destination. This is only one of the many benefits of a luggage strap, and there are numerous others. For this reason, companies looking to offer a unique promotional item to their clients may wish to look into this option. It's one that will be appreciated by anyone who travels a lot.

The Benefits Of Custom Luggage Straps

branded luggage straps


Nobody cares for your luggage like you do. When one or more bags are out of your sight, what exactly is happening to them? Most people don't truly know, but they are aware of the toll traveling can take on any bag, even those of the toughest materials offered. A luggage strap provides the bag with additional support and makes the bag more secure. Furthermore, the strap can help to hold any loose items on the bag that may get caught on the baggage carousel or be a hazard to the person transporting the bag.

Depending on the size of the strap, multiple bags may be joined together, making it easier to move through an airport or other location. This not only secures them but also reduces the risk of a bag being lost. If the zipper on the bag becomes damaged in any way during a trip, the contents of the bag will remain in place, as the strap will hold the luggage closed until the zipper can be repaired. Finally, a family group may be presented with straps of different colors, allowing them to easily identify which bag belongs to which traveler, increasing the value of the promotional gift.

Bonus tip: Never lose your luggage again with these 7 tips

One often-overlooked benefit of a luggage strap doesn't involve the owner of the bag. Bag handlers in busy locations appreciate having extra places to grab a bag, as they are attempting to move a great deal of luggage in a short period of time. If they can't easily reach the handle of a bag, they may simply pick the bag up and throw it. With the strap, they have more places to grab the bag, thus each piece becomes easier to move from one place to another. This does also benefit the traveler, as the bag will be exposed to less wear and tear.


Branding With Luggage Straps

Luggage straps allow a business to promote their brand to individuals who may otherwise be completely unaware the company existed. This is especially true when a recipient of the luggage strap travels cross country or around the globe, as a small business may not be in a position to advertise in these areas yet. Airlines, hotels, and travel agencies often choose promotional items of this type, yet numerous other businesses will benefit from offering custom luggage straps also. This includes major department stores, event facilities, and clothing brands.

One benefit of choosing custom luggage straps is they advertise a business long after the item has been seen by the consumer. When the person wants to buy a product or service offered by the company, they'll remember the unique luggage strap they saw. The strap helps to increase brand visibility and awareness while building customer loyalty. In fact, a business may want to purchase these items and sell them to customers at the register. This last minute purchase will be snatched up by customers who want to share their love of the brand.

Sports teams and other large groups also find they can brand their organization with the help of luggage straps. Every member of a team can use the branded luggage strap, making it easier to gather up large quantities of luggage at their destination, allowing for more time on the practice field. As with other companies, the team can also offer the straps to fans who wish to purchase one or more to show their support for the team.

Available Accessories

Why present a client with only a custom luggage strap? Add a retractable puller or other accessories to ensure they have everything needed when traveling. We stock a wide range of fittings that may be appropriate for use with a luggage strap, such as a phone/camera holder or a ski pass holder with printed decal. ID card holders will be of great help to a traveler, as they allow for easy identification in the event a piece of luggage is lost. Camera straps are also valued by customers, as they free up the hands while ensuring a camera is close by when the traveler wants to take a photo. Be sure to check out our entire lineup to find the item or items that are right for your customers.

Why Choose Us?

Individuals who turn to Lanyards USA for personalized luggage straps discover they obtain the lowest prices in the country, as we guarantee our prices. In addition, we offer superior customer service, and all staff members are trained to put the customer first. We offer extremely fast turnaround and five-day rush services for clients in need of products fast. Furthermore, we provide a free graphic design service to allow clients to see a preview of the items before production begins.

Custom luggage straps are a thoughtful gift any recipient will appreciate. Thanks to the size and width of the strap, the company offering the strap will also benefit, as a meaningful message can be printed on it. This message may include the name of the company, a logo, the brand, or even a tag line. It's all a matter of what the customer would like the message to include. Check our artwork page for more information about designing these products

Once the recipient sees how useful the luggage strap is, they will likely find other ways to benefit from having it. For example, one individual uses the strap to hold the seat of her jogging stroller in a more upright position. Regardless of what the strap is used for, be it luggage or for another purpose, the company or organization featured on the strap benefits and everyone wins in this situation.

Size Info
30 or 50mm width. Any length available with adjuster. (Other custom widths are available on your request)
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