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Metal Edge Pullers

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Retractable Card Holders (Also called Badge pullers, or retractable badge pullers)
are small device that can be printed with a 1-4 colour logo on either one or both sides.

Card Pullers are excellent for security purpose and offer a brilliant alternative to traditional badge carrying & ID Accessories. They also offer a solution for any organisation or area where ID Cards and Swipe Cards play a major roll.

Badge holders are retractable for up to 1 metre and can be simply extended and swiped or shown to security personnel, making them extremely convenient.

Print these Card pullers in any colour, and combine with a metal or plastic clip or fitting of choice for maximum exposure, security and practicality.

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These retractable card holders are of vital importance to any organization.

Ideal for holding Swipe cards and ID cards so that it becomes convenient for the user to swipe ID cards for attendance or for access to a secure zone. This stylish lanyard also assures that the card being held by it is also secure and prevents it from loosing or stealing. The glossy and attractive finish of this lanyard serves the purpose of safety as well as style. A perfect surface to print upon brand name or your company logo. The retractable wire has a length of 1 metre that makes it convenient for usage.

There are quite a few conventional badge carrying accessories but when you choose metal edge pullers you get benefits such as:
•    A well designed product.
•    The ability to print your logo on either one side of the puller or on both sides.
•    Retractable pullers that are extremely convenient.
•    Large range of clips and fittings so that you can enjoy maximum practicality and security.

Why choose retractable card holders?
Metal pullers look very different from conventional card holders. The ring of metal around your logo makes it stand apart even more. The retractable card holder simply means that your employees do not have to struggle with cumbersome strings.

The ID card can be attached to the end of the metal edge puller and a string can be extended even up to a distance of 1 meter. This makes it rather convenient to display IDs or even use swipe cards through metal or grill doors and so on.

Once the identification has been displayed and checked, it can be rolled back in an instant to lie against the metal edge puller which in turn lies close to the person of the employee. This makes it extremely difficult for the employee to lose or misplace identification cards or swipe cards. Obviously, this goes a very long way in enhancing security protocols that your business organization follows.

Considering the fact that metal edge pullers come in an extremely glossy finish as well, you will also get a fantastic opportunity to create a product that goes a long way in brand promotion.