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Not the average custom personalized lanyards supplier.

Welcome to LanyardsUSA.com. It's lucky you found us because we are your one stop shop for custom lanyards and ID accessories at wholesale prices. Whether you need simple plain badge ID lanyards for an event tomorrow or a variety of products with your branding and company details emblazoned along the lanyard length, we can do it! We are the NO hassle, NO waiting around and definitely NO stress printers. We specialize in not letting people down and we promise you will be 100% happy with our services, from the quote emailed to you in minutes to the free artwork proof we provide and amend until you are 100% happy. Get the exact lanyard you are after and combine products to save even more.

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We serve as an identity solutions partner for companies of every size. Founded in 2009, our company remains committed to providing a premium range of products to meet the needs of all. To ensure we do, we only hire those who are dedicated problem solvers, as this ensures we can help you in a timely manner. Our staff includes product experts, graphic designs, sales people and more to guarantee excellent service at each stage of the process. Thanks to our excellent service, a large portion of our business comes from repeat customers and word of mouth referrals, allowing us to continue providing you with the highest quality of products at affordable prices. You'll be thrilled you found us when you see what we can do for you.

Wholesale Pricing

One reason customers turn to us again and again is our wholesale rates, as nobody likes spending more than they absolutely have to. We offer the lowest prices on wholesale and promotional solutions in America today. We guarantee this! If you find a better price on an ID solution that is of the same quality as ours, we'll happily beat the price, as you deserve nothing less. Bear in mind, however, that our products are position printed, as opposed to repeat printed. Furthermore, our products come with double screen printing or dye sublimation to ensure the colors don't run, and they feature swivel clips. When submitting information on a competitor's quote, make certain it is in writing and that this quote includes any applicable taxes and delivery charges, as we consider all information when comparing quotes. Our goal is to ensure you get the best price possible without sacrificing quality in the process.

Why You Need Us

Printed Lanyards serve numerous purposes within companies, volunteer organizations and charities of all sizes, as they can be used to identify staff, provide access to secure facilities or areas of a facility or for fundraising purposes. VIP access may be restricted at events or backstage passes provided to attendees at concerts with the help of badge holders, and many companies now use these products for promotional purposes. In addition, lanyards may be distributed at sporting events with co-branding of the sports team and their sponsor logo. Contact details may be provided also, and these items allow the team to command a higher price and bring in larger corporations for their sponsorship deals. What many don't realize is these lanyards may be used for a variety of other purposes also.

Have you ever gone on a field with a bunch of children? It's hard to keep track of anyone outside of the small group you are in charge of. With the help of custom printed lanyards featuring the school's name, doing so becomes much easier, and all parents can better monitor the children on the trip, even those outside their immediate group. Parents may opt to do a fundraiser, allowing families to buy lanyards for their personal use and some for the school to use at events of this type.

Family reunions are designed to bring individuals together who might not be able to see each other regularly. Consider purchasing lanyards and ID cards for family members. When at a park or other public location, identifying someone who is part of your group will be easy. In addition, you won't constantly be having to ask someone for their name. It's right there for all to see, allowing everyone to feel more comfortable conversing with family members who are also complete strangers.

These are only a few of the many ways lanyards and other ID solutions can be put to use. Once you see how versatile they are, you'll find you want to purchase some for other purposes. Raise money for a church, promote a cause or use them to increase awareness. The diversity of the product, the massive range of fittings and accessories and more are only a few of the many reasons people are relying on customized and personalized lanyards for everyday use. The safety and security of the products are just added bonuses.

No Limit Design

We employ an in house graphics team and maintain our own manufacturing plant to produce items quickly and easily. As a result, customers find we are able to offer hundreds of materials and fitting combinations to meet their specific needs. One customer may select a flat, simple polyester lanyard that features a j-hook suitable for handling keys. Others prefer a deluxe satin applique lanyard complete with a short release, a deluxe swivel clip, an anti strangle safety breakaway and a full photographic print. Clients love the fact that they are only limited by their imagination when ordering with us, as we can work with any requests. You no longer have to settle for what you are given, as we ensure you get exactly what you want. In fact, our design team puts together a prototype and allows you to review it and make changes until we get it right. Only when you are satisfied will the ID products be produced and supplied.

Customizing Your Lanyard

We allow you to customize or personalize our products in a variety of ways. Add a message, slogan or logo to a lanyard and select everything from the thickness of the material to the fittings used. If you find you need assistance with this task, our staff members are ready to help. For those who have a .png file, we can work with this to print the design on lanyards, badge holders or a variety of other products. Furthermore, we can weave a design into the lanyard material during the manufacturing process using a process known as jacquard weaving. This option is great for lanyards that must be washed regularly or those that are subject to hard use, as the weaving process eliminates any concerns regarding the print wearing off or being damaged by heavy duty detergents.

Custom Lanyards In Five Days

Customers often wonder if they will be able to get the ID solutions in time for their event. For those choosing polyester or nylon lanyards, we offer five day rush service. For those who need products overnight, we offer in stock range and ID holders. We are able to assist those in need of products in an emergency thanks to having our own factory, and we can put the order into production immediately. Call use before 1PM and we'll have the lanyards dispatched overnight.

Regardless of what you need when it comes to ID products and solutions, we can be of help. Contact us today to receive a 100% obligation free lanyard quote and mockup. Be sure to ask about our complete range of products when doing so. We can also assist with ID card holders, badge pullers, camera straps, pet leads, name badge and printed plastic cards. Each company or organization has their unique needs and we recognize this. For this reason, we offer numerous products to satisfy all.