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Recycled PET Dye Sub

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Minimum Order 250 Units

Recycled lanyards, manufactured from discarded soda bottles and dye sub printed to create a vibrant and durable id carrying solution. Using new technology, we can produce colorful photographic images and gradients onto polyester that is manufactured from recycled bottles. This effectively banishes all limitations on your lanyards and allows for any amount of colors to be used. Perfect for companies that have strict brand guidelines or printing requirements. The print on these lanyards also never wear because your print is dyed directly into the material.

Any width or length is available. However, our most popular length is 900mm by 10, 15, 20, or 25mm width. (when laid flat and unstitched)


Pricing information

Pricing below includes the following: Full color print on both sides, Lan01, Lan02, Lan03 or Lan04 fitting (see fittings below), Turnaround time of 10-12 days (rush available on request *charges apply), Setup charge is $65 (waved on orders of 250 units+), Additional print colors charged at 10c each.

Unit Quantity Price for 10mm (3/8") Price for 15mm ( 5/8") Price for 20mm ( 3/4") Price for 25mm (1")
50 $ - $ 2.75 $ 2.88 $ 2.95
100 $ - $ 1.80 $ 1.85 $ 1.98
250 $ - $ 1.52 $ 1.58 $ 1.68
500 $ - $ 1.22 $ 1.28 $ 1.33
1000 $ - $ 0.97 $ 1.12 $ 1.18
1500 $ - $ 0.95 $1.10 $ 1.16
2000 $ - $ 0.90 $ 1.05 $ 1.11
2500 $ - $ 0.88 $ 0.96 $ 1.07
5000 $ - $ 0.74 $ 0.78 $ 0.86
10000 $ - $ 0.60 $ 0.63 $ 0.70

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In Stock Colors


Printed polyester lanyards are our most popular lanyard. They are available printed in up to 4 pantone colors and come standard with J hook fitting. We have several standard colors available. We can also match polyester lanyards to any color. This keeps your lanyards in line with your corporate branding or logo colors.

Recycled lanyards


Business organizations are consistently finding ways and means to cut down their carbon footprint and one of the ways is to use recycled PET dye sub lanyards.

What do these lanyards promise?

Apart from the fact that they are made of recycled materials, PET dye sublimation lanyards also promise and deliver:

•    A huge degree of customization for a business owner.

•    The ability to reproduce colorful photographic images.

•    Use of gradients of colors.

•    High quality material.

•    An eco-consciousness that comes free with the product!

The use of colors

This is probably one of the biggest selling points where recycled lanyards are concerned. This is simply because they use a technology known as dye sublimation which results in the printing of colors that are full of nuances and shades.

Therefore, it is not simply a question of choosing ‘blue’ when you choose these lanyards. You can specify shades such as indigo, cobalt, azure and so on. Another huge advantage of using recycled PET dye sublimation lanyards is the fact that you can use the internationally accepted Pantone Matching System to get the shade of your color choice exactly right.

Given the fact that you will have strict brand guidelines or printing requirements, the choice of these lanyards does indeed make a lot of sense. You can create a high-quality product that will go a very long way in enhancing your business reputation and brand recognition. People would also love to take these recycled products back home as souvenirs, making them perfect for charity events, parties, and more. These lanyards are used by a wide range of different businesses, companies, events, concerts, and almost anything else you can think of.

Although these lanyards are great for all types of businesses and venues, they extremely popular among companies that sell eco-friendly products and/or services. If your selling something that is eco-friendly, using company products that can potentially harm the environment can hurt your reputation. It can even lead to a loss of clients and sales. However, they are also extremely beneficial to companies that aren’t exactly eco-friendly. Most people are ‘going green’ these days, and are automatically drawn to companies that try their best to use products that will help the environment. So going with recycled lanyards can actually help your company attract more business.