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Economy Stock Lanyards

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In stock lanyards

In stock colours

The best budget-friendly choice for keeping events secure or designating VIP areas etc, our new range of economy stock lanyards surely beat the rest in price. While still being manufactured with the utmost quality from durable flat polyester, these lanyards come fitted with a dog clip for an ID badge holder.

Standard length: 900mm

Lanyards Per Pack: 50 Units

Who do economy stock lanyards suit?

Companies running an event or attending an expo that need a no frills, budget friendly lanyard that can carry an ID card or keys. These awesome lightweight lanyards are still comfortable to wear and feature a dog clip that can easily handle any attachements required.

Businesses that need a security ID solution for wearing around the workplace and accessing secure zones can also use these lanyards, they last for a very long time and are still excellent for day to day use.


Pricing information

Pricing is available on application due to fluctuating raw material costs. Please request a quote using the form above and we will respond within the hour with a fully written estimate.

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Lanyard Fittings


Economy Event Lanyards are the most convenient way, why? see below:

•    Help provide employees with mandatory identification.

•    Manage security protocols.

•    Conduct events; Such as trade fairs and conferences.

•    Carry ID badges, and other items securely.

The lanyard marketplace is filled with options, starting with the most budget friendly choices. When you choose economy stock lanyards, you get to enjoy all the benefits that lanyards can offer at an extremely pocket friendly price.

Who can use economy stock lanyards?

Virtually anybody! Economy stock lanyards, as the name suggests, is a no-frill lanyard that can be used for onetime events. However, even with economy stock lanyards, you can choose to customize them with different colors, as well as choose the right kind of clips and attachments. Business owners, government positions, private organizations, and even individuals planning various kinds of personal events can use economy stock lanyards.

Where do they work best?

Imagine a trade fair that attracts many delegates from all over the world, or even a business conference with a small group of people. You may need to give the attendants temporary means of identification without a high cost. You can also use economy stock lanyards for visitor identification. You will obviously not want to spend a lot of money because they are going to be used for only a short period of time.

Economy stock lanyards come in a variety of over 12 colors that are both vibrant and long lasting. Although the standard fitting for these stock lanyards is the dog clip, there is also a wide range of other standard fittings that you can choose from as well. Some of the other standard fittings that we offer include the split ring, crocodile clips, trigger clips, and more. We even offer retractable pullers. Most of our fittings now come in multiple colors, so you can match the color of the fitting to the lanyards of your choice.

All our products are made with quality materials to ensure durability, and customer satisfaction. Although our products are made with quality, our prices will never drain your pockets. We offer a price beat guarantee with all our products. If you find the same lanyards somewhere else at a lower price, we will lower our prices to beat our competitors. We also provide a virtual sample for your approval before your order goes into production. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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