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Standard Pullers

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Retractable badge pullers are incredibly convenient for security and badge carrying. Wear one on your waist and simply whip it out at terminals or checkpoints or attach it to a lanyard for around the neck use.

Available in various shapes and finishes retractable badge pullers are also used for light keys and swipe keys.

Standard retractable ID pullers are incredibly convenient for badge carrying purposes. Either use it to carry ID's around the neck or wear it around your waist to whip it out where required.

These glossy finish pullers are customized and available in multiple colors. There is enough space on the puller to get your logo imprinted along with any tagline or slogan. The high quality plastic body makes it durable alongwith the perfect button coupling which keeps it firmly held to its base. An incredible and useful item for office usage.


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There are many ways in which an individual can carry ID cards or any other small equipment that he may want to use frequently during the work time. One thing that makes it convenient for people to carry around such ID cards is a retractable badge puller.

Why go for standard pullers?

One of the biggest advantages of going in for standard badge pullers is the fact that it makes it extremely convenient to carry your badges and ID cards. This is an extremely neat attachment which offers benefits such as:

• The convenience of carrying an ID card which can be simply pulled out on a string in order to prove your credentials.
• The retractable badge puller is a very neat way of carrying your ID card because it eliminates strings.
• The ability to print your logo or tag line on the body of the standard puller.

Standard pullers offer an extremely glossy finish which can be customized according to your requirements. This can include the choice of multiple colors as well. Since they come in high quality plastic, they are also extremely durable. Therefore, you do not have to invest money into constantly replacing these standard pullers.

Versatility of use

Standard pullers can also be attached to other equipment such as lanyards in order to make it even more convenient to carry around. Since they come with very strong and sturdy buttons and hooks, an employee can certainly choose to suspend his ID card from even a shirt pocket or belt. With a big range of fittings available to be clamped onto the puller these are extremely versatile too, they can have the simple pvc loop with button closure or an actual spring loaded trigger clip that keys and other items can fasten too.

Printing a logo onto the puller

There is two options for printing of your logo onto the puller. We can print a full color label with a heavy duty epoxy dome finish, similar to a button badge or dome badge finish. Or we can pad print a maximum of 4 colors directly to the badge for a flat finish, both options look great when completed its purely down to your personal preference which branding option you choose. *costs may varie on print options and print colors used in the flat pad printing option.

We help you at every point of ordering, and our design team will be able to recommend the best branding solution based on your logo, message or branding required. Sometimes the best looking design is the simple, easily recognizable one. And we'll be able to show you those options prior to you spending a single cent with us.