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Leather Badge Holders

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ID Badge Holders are a fantastic way to display credentials and increasing security. For an added bonus we now offer a leather finish ID wallet with a viewable plastic area. Your branding and any information you need can be printed on the reverse side of the wallet, how great is that!

Size: to suit License / ID 85 x 54mm insert approx.

Colours: Blue / Black / Tan / Brown / Red / Pink / Yellow / Forest Green / Lime Green / Purple / White / Gray


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Almost every business organization needs employees to carry credentials, ID cards, swipe cards and other badges. It therefore becomes extremely important to invest in the right kind of badge holders as well. But instead of choosing something that is very ordinary, it would be a very good idea to check out leather badge holders.

How do leather badge holders look?

In one word – stylish! Think of a wallet that is extremely sleek but is built to hold your identification at events. This holder will come with a sleeve into which the badge or the ID card can be inserted very easily. It will also have a small slot through which you can choose to put a neat lanyard or a clip so that the leather badge holder can be suspended around your neck or clips to your pocket or hand bag.

Why choose leather badge holders?

There are many benefits to choosing ID badge holders that are made in leather:
•    The extremely stylish looks can enhance corporate image.
•    It can be given even to senior personnel who will not be hesitant to carry since it looks so good.
•    A holder can be customized with your business name, logo and so on.
•    There are several colors to choose from – blue, black, tan, brown and red – so you can choose different colors for different people.

Leather badge holders are also extremely convenient because they offer a clear viewable area which eliminates the need to take out the ID card simply to display your credentials.

Leather ID card holders can be used at events, functions, or as part of a uniform when a standard PVC or plastic ID wallet won't cut it. Imagine your high end VIP personnel are wearing suits or business attire and they are made to wear a clear peice of PVC. This is when a leather look badge holder will be the preferred option for many medium and large corporate firms.

Things to take into account prior to ordering

Our standard leather look ID badge holders are not manufactured from genuine leather, they are produced from leather feel PVC. This solves a problem that genuine leather presents, because an ID badge is something that is generally discarded or only used for a limited time it is not economical to produce genuine leather id holders for many of our clients. However we can, if required produce this level of product. Simply contact us and mention the type of items you require and we will be able to supply you with the exact desired item.

Don't be mistaken by this material choice, these feel excellent in the hand and provide a very credible and lucid alternative to genuine leather id holders. We can also supply passport wallets and other travel or conference items from high end products, for a list of these products talk to us and we can provide you with a complete stock sheet of what we provide.