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Closed Face ID Holder

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Minimum Order Qty: 100

Our ID holders are the preferred method for carrying ID and security cards around at events and conferences. All personnel and staff should be issued with an ID holder complete with credentials inserted, to enable them to access a secure zone or VIP area.

These days, security is foremost in the minds of any office manager or event planner. Keeping unauthorized persons out of sensitive areas, company property, or a conference, is part of any manager's job. Security planning and preparation extends across the scale from sophisticated monitoring systems all the way down to the most basic forms of personal identification.

These enclosed ID holders protect your ID better than our open ID holders but don't always scan well when a barcode or QR code is required. They do over a lot better water protection for people working in outdoor environments and cold or damp work zones.


Unit Quantity Price for 10mm (3/8")
100 $ 1.40
250 $ 1.35
500 $ 1.15
1000 $ 0.80
2500 $ 0.70
5000 $ 0.50
10000 $ 0.40

Suits Card size

88 x 54mm business card and credit card sizes


Hangs landscape

Colours available

clear only (frosted)

Recommended lanyard fitting

Lan02 crocodile fitting is recommended but lan01 and lan04 can also be used

Further information

In many offices and venues, employees and attendees must carry some type of ID badge on them at all times. The employee access key card is standard issue in many offices, combining the functions of an ID pass and an electronic key passed through a reader or sensor in the case of proximity or smart cards. Employees must have their key cards on them at all times and must take care never to lose them, for obvious reasons. Also, since office managers in many companies require ID to be displayed on the person at all times, the key card is worn as a badge, which is also a good way to protect it from being lost.

Enclosed plastic ID holders come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate identification cards and badges of any design. Most badge holders these days have slip-through slots in the plastic to string a lanyard through rather than a back-pin or a clip. This makes the wearing of the badge more convenient as well as saving damage to fabric. A Rigid Plastic ID holder protects the card from bending as well as moisture and keeps one's badge from becoming damaged or prematurely worn out. And the holder is large enough to allow for a full, unobstructed display of the badge so that any security checker can read all the information and see the ID photo in a glance.

Landscape display Enclosed plastic ID holders are ideal for security passes used at conventions, seminars, and corporate conferences and planning events. They allow for large ID badges to be prominently displayed for the convenience of monitoring personnel as well as other attendees. Smaller clip-on or lanyard holders are ideal for most everyday office applications and usually come in a better grade of plastic for long-term use.

Close face vs open face

From the clients we have surveyed, closed face ID holders seem to be the preferred choice when un-laminated ID cards or paper stock ID cards are being used. They are also the non preferred option when an ID card has to have a barcode or be scanned at a security checkpoint. Closed ID holders are better at protecting ID cards and the enclosed options are definitely preferred for longevity of the inserted media.