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Bespoke Size PVC Card Holders

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These custom size PVC card holders can be produced to any size you require and have the ability to fit basically any card.

Keep in mind your ID Card thickness as you may have to allow an extra 1-2mm for each side to allow for extra thickness.

Who does the bespoke card holder suit?

Because the bespoke ID card holders are made to suit your size requirements they can be used for special size ID cards, flyers, booklets or even conference and event maps.

Companies with a special booklet or information slip that needs to be worn around the neck at conferences or events or companies that need to have seperated ID slips or even colour coding can take advantage of bespoke production by adding a small lower pocket for an ID card or coloured strip to be placed. This does two things: Enabled delegates to be identified from long distances and also removed the need for security personnel to bother VIP attendees for their credentials.


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Bespoke Size PVC Card Holders

If only everything in life can be tailor made perfectly for you! But why should this be a wish? With solutions such as bespoke size PVC card holders, even the small things in life can be customized completely. Business organizations succeed when they deliver unique solutions. And one opportunity to enjoy this uniqueness even in ID holders is to go in for bespoke size card holders.

Advantages of going bespoke

Every business organization has unique requirements in terms of information to be put on cards. So it makes a lot of sense to customize the size of the PVC card holder too. Customized solutions also:

• Can make sense for different kinds of events – conferences, promotional events and trade fairs too.

• Support different sizes of the same material. For instance, information about the company can be put on a small card or on a large flyer and both can have bespoke holders.

• Prove to be very handy to carry information around conveniently and safely.

Easier identification

Personalized card holders also make it possible for easy identification which can go a long way to make it easy for security personnel to identify delegates or employees who may have specific security clearances and protocols to follow. With a large card holder, for instance, an individual can be recognized from afar. Adding accents such as colored strips and/ or additional pockets for additional cards is also possible with bespoke card holders. Bespoke production can go a very long way in maintaining all security measures in place.

These Bespoke size PVC card holders are equipped with double pouches and a hole located on the top of the card holder. That way, you can hook them on a neck chain, or keychain for easy access. The standard size for the front pouch is 102mm x 102mm and the standard size for the back pouch is 102mm x 155mm. However, the size of these PVC card holders can be customized to fit your needs.

Do you need to be able to fit a small booklet in your PVC holders? No problem. You can even customize the thickness of each PVC card holder in your order. Due to the customizable features and durability of these cardholders, they are ideal for companies to hand out to employees that are required to keep an ID on them at all times. It gives them a safe, and easy accessible place to keep their employee IDS. Ordering these card holders can even save you frustration and money. You will not have to worry about needlessly replacing employee IDS that become lost or destroyed.