Plastic Business & Loyalty Cards
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A perfect choice for business cards and even loyalty cards for customers, they are a sure hit with anyone! We are now able to have custom dye cut shapes for any design you require, couple this with a full color print you have an awesome promo product! Our state of the art printing methods allow the use of full color photographic recreation with any combination of colors and design, including your branding information.

Perfect for: Clubs, Associations, Hotels and restaurants, Night Clubs, Retailers, Wholesalers, VIP Members, Professional Bodies, Schools, Universities and Libraries etc.

Branding Information
CMYK Digital printing (photo print)

Pricing information

Pricing is available on application due to fluctuating raw material costs. Please request a quote using the form above and we will respond within the hour with a fully written estimate.

Additional options

Barcodes, sequential numbering, magnetic strip, signature writable zone, raised silver numbering, debossing or stamping.

Add $0.12c per unit per option.

Holographic stamping, silver foil print, QR codes.

Add $0.05c per unit per option.

Plastic Card Options

Why would you choose plastic business cards over paper?

Plastic cards appear to be the wave of the future. Companies use them as gift certificates, membership cards, business cards, loyalty cards, and more. However, these cards are only of benefit when they are stylish and unique. If they look and feel cheap, consumers may make the assumption the products and services offered by the company are also of low quality. Thus, companies need to work with a reputable provider to ensure their card projects the right image for their organization. Lanyards USA can be of help ensuring this is the case, as we offer a free design service for our clients. We modify the design until we get it right.

Which Companies Benefit From Using Plastic Business Cards?

Any business will find they benefit from the use of plastic business cards. This promotional item is no longer limited to grocery and discount stores. Organizations that will benefit from the use of a business card include:

  • Academic institutions
  • Clubs and hospitality establishments
  • Night clubs
  • Professional associations and bodies
  • Retailers and wholesalers

The Benefits Of Plastic Business Cards

When a company makes the switch to plastic business cards, the first thing they will notice is customers are impressed with this item. This is of great importance, as most businesses now find they face a great deal of competition. Consumers have the option of purchasing items from anywhere in the world, thus a company cannot afford to make a bad first impression. The plastic business card helps the consumer remember the business and the brand.

Furthermore, these cards are very durable, therefore the consumer will have them for an extended period of time. Paper business cards fall apart with time, yet this isn't the case when plastic is used. Additionally, contact information on the card won't wear off in a wallet and the card won't disintegrate if accidentally washed. The information remains visible for the life of the card.

Consumers perceive plastic business cards to be of more value than their paper counterparts. The card feels smooth and looks impressive, and many associate them with a gift or credit card, thus they are more likely to hold on to the card. A company finds they actually spend less on business cards, as they aren't replacing them as frequently.

One major benefit of choosing plastic business cards is they allow for more creativity. A company may choose a transparent card or select one in a distinct shape that represents the offerings of their organization. Foil or metallic accents are available to add elegance to the card, and companies may choose embossing to truly make the logo stand out.

Loyalty Card Options

Companies need to ensure their cards are a reflection of their businesses. Most organizations opt to include pertinent information on the card, such as the business name and logo. A company may also choose to include their address, URL, slogan, or a message they wish to share with customers. The sky is the limit when designing the card, as the only restriction is the size. Other elements that may be customized on the card include:

  • Colors
  • Custom dye shapes
  • Magnetic strips
  • Numbering which is embossed
  • Signature straps that are writable
  • Embedded smart chips or RFID
  • Bar codes
  • Snap off sections, such as key tags

Businesses find the durability and customization of these cards make them a viable option for various purposes and events. As a result, they remain the perfect option when a company wishes to disseminate information about their organization and offerings. Furthermore, the cards can be combined with other promotional items, such as a lanyard or a custom camera strap, to boost brand awareness in a short period of time.

Creating The Perfect Card

A business may wonder how to create a card that truly stands out and distinguishes their organization in a variety of ways. We can assist with this, as we employ a full design team that's ready to help clients find the perfect card for their needs. With the help of this team, the company can explore different colors, dye cut shapes, embossing, and more. Once a design has been decided on, the team creates a sample card for the client's approval. This ensures there is no disappointment when the full order arrives. The client knows exactly what he or she will get before production begins, and this helps to save both time and money.

Contact us today to learn more about plastic business cards and how they can boost your business. Companies making use of these items will quickly see a return on their investment, and the cards last for years to come. The cost savings achieved in this area alone are enough reason for every company to consider making the switch from paper to plastic here. We'll create the perfect card for your needs, as we do for all of our customers.

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