How Color Can Help You Outdo the Competition

Subtly or directly, color affects everybody’s thought process. So, if one color makes you happy than another color probably reminds you of a childhood memory. No wonder then that even business organizations are aware of color psychology and make some smart choices when it comes to using color to combat competition. Continue reading How Color Can Help You Outdo the Competition

Make your business look bigger in 4 simple steps

Some clients like to deal with independent operators or home businesses. And to those people you can reveal your true business model.  However some people want to deal with bigger companies. Why? The reasons differ from trust and anxiety that you’re going to run away with their money to simply wanting to deal with a larger company who can accommodate their requirements and provide order fulfillment.

So I have written 5 tips that I have actually used to make a client of mine look bigger than they actually were. These tips are in no particular order. Continue reading Make your business look bigger in 4 simple steps

Our top 5 accountant advertising ideas

As an accountant or tax agent, tax time might be your busiest period in the year, but this doesn’t mean you should remain idle in the quieter months. Get out and market yourself with these great promo item ideas, and if your worried about cost, Promotional items are tax deductible! (Tip: you don’t have to be an accounting firm to follow these simple steps, most business to business service providers and supplier can benefit from the below guide.) Continue reading Our top 5 accountant advertising ideas

Lanyards San Francisco, Custom Printed & Woven Options

Events tend to offer perfect opportunities to brand a company. Attendees can see the brand in a wide variety of locations at the event, and companies should take advantage of all opportunities. One way to do so is to make use of lanyards to secure the event and identify important individuals. They can go much further than this, however. Present attendees with a lanyard to take home—one that features the company name and logo or a message the business wishes to share. The promotional lanyards provide advertising long after the event is over and at a very low cost to the company.

Continue reading Lanyards San Francisco, Custom Printed & Woven Options

The 8 Popular Promotional Items in 2015

Most Popular Promotional Products in 2015

If you understand the impact and benefit of promotional products, then you are probably looking for ways to implement the use of these products in your branding and marketing efforts. Browsing through our website will show you that we have a number of products available, and we understand that it can be difficult for you to choose the right products for your needs. Here are some of the most popular products that customers are buying on a regular basis this year: Continue reading The 8 Popular Promotional Items in 2015

Lanyards Los Angeles, Promotional, Printed & Personalized

Smart businesses understand they must continue to promote their businesses to remain competitive. This is true for every organization, regardless of size. For example, Walmart continues to advertise and now offers two-day shipping to match its competitors. What can a small business do to remain in the public’s eye, especially when they have a limited marketing budget? Promotional products can be of great help in achieving this goal, particularly when they are items recipients will use every day. Lanyards are a good example of a product of this type. Lanyards in Los Angeles can be used for events, conferences, as promotional giveaways, and more. The ideas are endless when this item is selected. Continue reading Lanyards Los Angeles, Promotional, Printed & Personalized

Gaining Valuable Insight From Surveys

In business, it is important to listen to your customers and understand more about the products and services they want to see. Customer surveys offer a great way to connect with your customers, and there are some valuable insights that can be gained from this information. Continue reading Gaining Valuable Insight From Surveys

Lanyards Silicon Valley

Everything You Need to Know About Promotional Lanyards

If you are thinking about ordering lanyards for your startup then you need to learn about the many options that are available. This article is designed to teach you everything you need to know about promotional lanyards: how to use them, materials that are available, and the types of imprint methods that can be used. Continue reading Lanyards Silicon Valley

Using Event Lanyards At Sporting Days

If you are managing an upcoming sports event or you are on the team and helping with the event, then there are a few things that need to be considered to make sure the event turns out right. Here are some things to consider to ensure success of your event. The old faithful of the event scene is event lanyards. They are used to secure certain area, carry keys to storage units, hold ID badges and other accessories that make managing the event easier. Along with trusty event lanyards some of our hot tips are below for running an awesome sports day. Continue reading Using Event Lanyards At Sporting Days

The increasing trend of self employment

iPro entrepreneurs, The new super entrepreneurs?

You are probably familiar with the term entrepreneur, which are people who give up the security of a traditional job in order to start their own business venture. Entrepreneurs might setup their own stores where they sell products or services, or they can setup factories, or work as consultants for other companies. Continue reading The increasing trend of self employment