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ID Badge Clips

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These ID Badge Clips are great for attaching your ID and info without the need of lanyards. There are three variations and we can manufacture with other fittings such as trigger clips or keyrings depending on your need! These card holders are available as standard  optional extras on all of our card wallers and are our most popular and practical product.

These id clips are only available in clear colour, manufactured from frosted pvc. As they are used in a variety of roles and worn on a massive range of uniforms and staff situations we have found that clear is the best colour to provide a broad solution to all companies needing an non standout id carrying solution.

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Pricing is available on application due to fluctuating raw material costs. Please request a quote using the form above and we will respond within the hour with a fully written estimate.

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You can make it immensely convenient for your employees to carry their ID badges and cards. This will go a very long way in:

•    Reducing or even eliminating the loss and forgetting of cards.
•    Helping an employee keep his card safe on his person.
•    Preserving ID cards for a longer time.

One solution when it comes to carrying ID cards is an ID badge clip.

How to choose the right ID badge clips?

The easiest thing that you can do is to choose a premier manufacturer of badge clips and get to choose from a wide range of options and fittings as well. ID badges after all, can be carried in clear plastic sleeves or almost any other kind of badge holder. It is extremely important to go in for sturdy badge clips which will help an employee suspend his or her ID card from a shirt pocket, a belt or even a handbag.

It would be a good idea for you to take a look at the images that will be available so that you get to choose the right kind of ID badge clips. The big advantage of going in for this product is the fact that you can eliminate the use of lanyards to carry ID cards. Even thought lanyards are convenient, they can become a bit cumbersome because an employee has to suspend the ID card around his neck. With an ID badge clip however, he enjoys extra options of carrying his identification badge or card.

Perfect for when lanyards won't suit the job

Lanyards and neck cords are the usual badge and id carrying solutions but when you need something compact, lightweight simple to use id carrying item. They just clip onto belts, pockets, even onto a lanyard if thats the preferred choice they can then be detached quickly and hung from other objects for versatility. Make no mistake this fantastic little trinket.

Extremely affordable

Being such a small and simple mechanism these id badge clips are extremely cost effective, they come in back of 50 and 100 and can cost as little as 30 cents each, when id cards and security staff badges can't afford to be dropped, misplaced or lost. 30c is a small price to pay for something that helps to secure a persons credentials in the workplace.