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Flat Nylon Lanyards

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Minimum Order 50 Units

Nylon is a smart choice for your business featuring a large print zone due to the flat surface area giving maximum print coverage. Stronger than polyester, Nylon also has a great shine finish that really grabs the attention of onlookers.

Nylon is perfect for more complex prints that include fine detail, due to the tightly woven textile base. We always recommend nylon for complicated logo designs and lanyards that require a huge amount of detail.

It should be noted that nylon takes on a shiny feel, and for lack of a better word the material weave can be compared to car seat belt material. Don't let this fool you though, nylon lanyards look brilliant and they even lend themselves to certain colors more than others. White for example looks amazing with a colored print the material really stands out, yet black looks better in the matte finish of flat polyester. All these decisions need to be made but don't stress, we are on standby to help you make the right one! Just reach out to us for samples, order help, quotes and information at any point.

Pricing information

Pricing below includes the following: One color print on one side, Lan01, Lan02, Lan03 or Lan04 fitting (see fittings below), Turnaround time of 10-12 days (rush available on request *charges apply), Setup charge is $35 (waved on orders of 250 units+), Additional print colors charged at 10c each.

Unit Quantity Price for 10mm (3/8") Price for 15mm ( 5/8") Price for 20mm ( 3/4") Price for 25mm (1")
50 $ 1.88 $ 1.90 $ 1.93 $ 1.96
100 $ 1.27 $ 1.32 $ 1.38 $ 1.40
250 $ 1.02 $ 1.06 $ 1.14 $ 1.15
500 $ 0.87 $ 0.88 $ 0.94 $ 0.98
1000 $ 0.72 $ 0.76 $ 0.76 $ 0.79
1500 $ 0.70 $ 0.74 $ 0.74 $ 0.77
2000 $ 0.68 $ 0.72 $ 0.72 $ 0.75
2500 $ 0.64 $ 0.67 $ 0.69 $ 0.71
5000 $ 0.48 $ 0.49 $ 0.52 $ 0.54
10000 $ 0.41 $ 0.41 $ 0.41 $ 0.46

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Nylon lanyards, whats the difference?

A lot of people ask us, what is the difference between polyester and nylon lanyards? polyester is our most popular material here at Lanyards USA and it offers a highly economical and customizable lanyard solution. However when you have a highly complicated logo - Nylon is always a better choice.

Because of the tight weave method of the nylon it is more suited to fine detail and smaller prints, a company with a multi color print can also benefit from this more close knit lanyard material.

In summary

  • Nylon offers more complicated print options.

  • Features a high lustre, shiny appearance which in certain colors looks more premium.

  • Is slightly stronger than polyester and in certain situations can be used for load bearing requirements.

  • More rigid than polyester and not as comfortable is polyester if being warn for long periods.

Printed lanyards come in a range of options which can be adjusted to suit your requirements including hooks and clips that you choose. You can also choose between different widths of lanyards. For instance, if you have a lot of information to be printed on the lanyard, then you might be better served by going in for a wider lanyard.

It is simple enough to make a choice of printed lanyards because all you have to do is look at the images that are available on the website and choose the one that appeals to you the most..

How to get the most from nylon?

Send us your entire print requirements and supply your logo in the correct format to ensure faithful print reproduction. For more info on logo supply, view our artwork supply guide. Website address, telephone numbers and any other info should be provided to us and we will provide you a free visual of the finished item to ensure you are 100% happy before we product.