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Chrome Pullers

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Retractable badge pullers are incredibly convenient for security and badge carrying. Wear one on your waist and simply whip it out at terminals or checkpoints or attach it to a lanyard for around the neck use.

Available in various shapes and finishes retractable badge pullers are also used for light keys and swipe keys.

Behold the glory of Chrome, it's still in fashion and makes items look luxurious and genuine.

The excellence of design of these chrome pullers can be felt just by viewing them. The classy metallic touch on the puller and the round pin button fastening belt make an amazing combination of looks and usability. This badge puller will make you feel special everytime you pull your ID out. You should probably get it soon if you are looking for the best in class retractable badge puller you can use in your office or for promotional purposes.

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Some automobiles stand apart from others because they have the lovely shine of a chrome finish. The glint and elegance of chrome plating has made it rather versatile in its applications. So from a superbly tuned motorcycle to a lanyard, you can see chrome being applied in many ways.

And now you can have chrome finish pullers?

A lanyard has become extremely popular because of its uses in areas such as:

•    ID card holders.

•    Security protocols.

•    Applicability in areas such as business organizations, airports, trade fairs and so on.

•    Brand promotion.

So, when you have the opportunity to take this extremely versatile lanyard and convert it, so to speak, into a chrome puller then you get a product that brings together aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Design details

Putting a beautiful metallic touch to your badge puller can make it an item that is luxurious looking. This automatically means that an individual will be proud to carry it along and even cherish the same as a memento if you have chosen to present it to him at an event.

Designing a chrome puller also means that you get a retractable badge puller that looks extremely neat. You do not have to worry about long and unwieldy strings that get suspended around your neck or worse, knotted up when you want to unravel your ID card.

Putting your brand, message or company logo on a chrome puller will also guarantee instant association with high quality. After all, it is not just another synthetic or ‘throw away’ lanyard is it not?

Who needs the chrome puller?

Company staff working at high end venues or businesses where products are high end. These Chrome pullers are perfect when ID holders need to be accessed all the time and need to be displayed at security checkpoints. We can custom print your logo onto the front of the pullers and even lazer engrave if requested.

The retractors extend around 3-4 feet and are excellent for swipe access too! Instead of continually attaching and detaching your ID tag to your belt or keys etc you can just whip it out and give it a swipe!

Don't forget if you need the ID holders or even the printed identification cards we supply those too